1 Look 3 Ways: Get a Twisted Updo for Straight Hair

Rachel Adler
1 Look 3 Ways: Get a Twisted Updo for Straight Hair
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With our busy lives, it’s only fair to schedule in a few after school or work events with friends – a time to get glammed up and just have fun. For such things, you obviously have to look the part, and the average blowout just doesn’t always do.

Luckily for you, we teamed up with Herbal Essences and hairstylist Wesley O’Meara to walk us through the steps of getting a twisted updo for your next fun night out. Above he shows us what products to use and the steps to take if you have naturally straight hair, to quickly take you from girl-next-door to night-out-diva. We recommend curling your hair a bit first so you can start with a touch of texture (you can follow the steps from romantic curls)!

If you have curly hair or thick hair, check back later this week for tips to get a twisted updo!

For more information about our relationship with Herbal Essences click here cmp.ly/3.

Hairstylist: Wesley O’Meara, The Wall Group
Makeup Artist: Christina Natale
Model: Natalia Alexandra, Q Management Inc.
Photographer: Spencer Wohlrab



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Step 1: Rough your hair up for texture.

Step 2: Take one section in the front and pull over and twist back. Take
another section and pull over and twist. Continue to add twisted
sections to that and clip in place.

Step 3: Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Pin both twists together by criss-crossing bobby pins and then take a third pin to lock the crossed shape together.

Step 5: Grab and twist the remaining hair all the way down and secure with elastic.

Step 6: Twist the hair as if you're putting it into a bun, then secure
bun with bobby pins.

Step 7:  Hide the bobby pins with a French pin on both sides.

Step 8: Finish the look with a touch of Herbal Essences Set Me Up Extra Hold Hairspray for a flawless finish.

Step 9: Enjoy your Twisted Updo!

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