1 Look 3 Ways: Get A Messy Side Braid With Curly Hair

Rachel Adler

Curly haired girls know how hard it can be to tame their locks, half of the time resorting to throwing everything back up into a ponytail. Ever since the rise of the braid trend a couple of seasons ago, there has luckily been a lot more creative freedom for curly-haired ladies on the hairstyle front, and we want everyone to learn the ropes.

We teamed up with Herbal Essences and hairstylist Wesley O’Meara to walk us through the steps of getting a messy side braid for any occasion. Above he shows us what products to use and the steps to take if you have naturally curly hair, to give you another look for your beauty arsenal.

If you have straight hair, check out the corresponding link for a messy side braid and check back later this week for a messy side braid with thick hair!

For more information about our relationship with Herbal Essences click here cmp.ly/3.

Hairstylist: Wesley O’Meara, The Wall Group
Makeup Artist: Christina Natale
Model: Deborah Weinberg, Q Management Inc.
Photographer: Spencer Wohlrab

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