The Beautiful Life with Mischa Barton


Disclaimer: Mischa, please accept our sincerest apologies in advance for content of the following post. We really do love you. It’s just so hard to contain ourselves when you’re running around emulating the victim of a car accident.

Did you know that Mischa Barton had her own blog a la She pretty much does nothing but promote her new show and self (ex. “this is my pink Zac Posen dress. Does the color work for me!?” No. “This is my sequined Versace dress. It’s a staple piece!!!” Stop talking, Mischa.)

She recently blogged: “I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated my site but I’ve been insanely busy with work and whatnot in NYC. I’ve been fully immersed in production on my upcoming show The Beautiful Life and I’ve been loving every minute of it. I have my dogs Charlie and Ziggy with me here so I’ve been hanging with them in my downtime, as well as hitting the gym as often as I can.”

I go to the gym as often as I can too, Mischa. The last time I was there, The OC had just aired. Oh, same for you? Shocked.

The above picture was snapped earlier today while Barton was en route to the set of The Beautiful Life. This right here is a prime example of the harsh side-effects of smoking.

Naturally, Mischa was a serious party girl last week. We saw her at almost every fashion show and after party. We get it; Fashion Week consumes endless amounts of energy. It’s hectic, stressful, and rough on the body and skin, but that was last week and we were there too…how come none of us look like this? We’re assuming you engaged in some non-Fashion Week related activity last night. Activity that apparently did not include a shower or any concealer.

That said, we do love the new show. If you haven’t tuned in already, what are you waiting for? It premiered last week.

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