“The Beatles in India” by Paul Saltzman


Object Of Desire

The Beatles in India by Paul Saltzman, $395, at barneys.com.

Reason #1

A little background about the book: The Beatles in India is a compilation of photos by Paul Saltzman and lyrics that commemorate the 48 songs the Beatles wrote during the eight weeks they were in India in 1968. In the spirit of the 27th anniversary of John Lennon’s death, and the 40th anniversary of George Harrison’s introduction of the sitar in “Norwegian Wood,” The Beatles in India is an important August purchase.

Reason #2

After Scott Schuman’s print version of the The Sartorialist surfaced, we have started to feel a closer connection to books again. The Beatles in India will be a special addition to your coffee table book collection.

Reason #3

Yes, The Beatles in India is somewhat pricey, but then again, this is a chance to own a commemoriation of the most creative time period in the history of epic rock bands. At the very least, give it a good read in-store.