Gray Malin’s Vacation-Inspired Zoom Backgrounds Are the Escape We All Need Right Now

Maggie Griswold
Gray Malin’s Vacation-Inspired Zoom Backgrounds Are the Escape We All Need Right Now
Photo: Gray Malin.

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If social distancing and working from home has left you feeling stir-crazy or cooped up, I feel you. As someone who works from home year-round anyway, I can tell you this is not how things usually feel with that WFH life. At least there are things like games, distracting television shows and beach Zoom backgrounds to make us all forget what’s going on—if only for a moment. Since we’re all discouraged from seeing our pals IRL, video chatting has become the norm. We’re all stuck in our homes, dreaming of a luxurious vacation with the friends and family we can’t hang out with right now, but at least Gray Malin knows what’s up. While the famous photographer can’t fly us all to private islands or make it safe for us all to walk along the beach together, he can bless us with some vacation-inspired Zoom backgrounds—and that’s exactly what he’s done.

From the gorgeous waters of O‘ahu (an island in the Pacific Ocean) to aesthetically pleasing umbrellas lined up on the beaches of Positano, these free Zoom backgrounds from Gray Malin are the exact escape we all need. Rather than just sitting there scrolling through Pinterest and ogling vacation photos, now you can (virtually) put yourself in them. It’s as close to a tropical vacation we’re all going to get right now, and I’ll take it. Catch me wearing my newest swimsuit and sunnies on Zoom with one of these stunning photographs as my background. Fake it ’til you make it, baby!

Below, you’ll find six free Gray Malin Zoom backgrounds that are ready to spice up your next video meeting or hang-out with friends. We can all pretend to soak in the sun while sipping on homemade fruity cocktails until it’s actually recommended to resume traveling to beaches and tropical destinations. See you all at the (virtual) beach!


1. Striped Umbrellas in Nice, France

striped umbrellas in Nice on beach

Gray Malin.

Those striped umbrellas and beautiful ocean-front got me feeling some type of way, friends. This is the ideal setting for any vacation in my opinion, and you better believe it’s my next Zoom background.

2. I Am Busy Balloons

I am busy balloons in ocean

Gray Malin.

Sometimes you just have to tell it like it is—with the ocean behind you, of course.

3. Seaplane, Great Barrier Reef

Seaplane Great Barrier Reef

Gray Malin.

I like to look at this Zoom background and imagine I’m in a private jet flying to a tropical vacation far, far away.

4. Positano Beach Umbrellas Vista

Positano beach umbrellas vista

Gray Malin.

Remember when a crowded beach like this didn’t make you want to scream? Yeah, me too. So let’s re-live those good times with this gorgeous Zoom background, shall we?

5. Palm Shadows, O’ahu

Palm Shadows beach

Gray Malin.

Of course, if you’re not ready to see anything crowded with people just yet, you can opt for this stunning secluded beach background. Those waves are so soothing, I’ve almost forgotten I’m sitting on my couch.

6. Loge Peak, Aspen Highlands

Loge Peak Mountains in Aspen

Gray Malin.

Then again, not everyone is a beach vacation fan, so Gray Malin has also included this seriously gorgeous image of ski slopes for all your Zoom background and daydreaming pleasures.