Beach House Plays Webster Hall Tonight


Oh Maryland. I’m sorry that when I try to draw a map of the United States I forget you, along with Delaware, Rhode Island and Wyoming. I’m so sorry… However, Maryland thank you so much for giving the world of Indie music Beach House!

Beach House is playing Webster Hall tonight in New York. After having their album “Devotion” on virtually every music blog and magazine’s Best of 2009 lists, Beach House is helping put Delaware on the (okay… my) map. Their dark ambient waltz music and Victoria Legrand’s ethereal vocals distinguish Beach House as a lovingly creepy band.

If you can’t check Beach House out at Webster Hall, pick up their latest album “Devotion” and maybe a piece birthday cake to make you feel like you belong seated beside Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand at the dinner table. If you can make it to Webster Hall, pick up this Haute Hippie long sleeve sequin mini dress in black to… well.. make you feel like you belong seated beside Victoria at the dinner table.

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