Be Extraordinary Entrepreneur of the Week: Jeffrey Williams

Jessica Hoppe

Jeffrey Williams is easily one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen up close. And his rare physical beauty isn’t even the most mesmerizing thing about him. It’s no wonder he stole the show and our hearts on Bravo‘s The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection.

But before this 26-year-old Seattle native became a design-brity he was just a boy with a dream and twelve siblings! At home is no doubt where he learned exactly how to get our attention.

Jeffrey’s dream of becoming a fashion designer was most supported by his mother, who he subsequently lost to breast cancer before leaving for F.I.T in 2004. But Jeffrey persevered with his mother as his inspiration. In fact, his winning collection was made up of all red gowns-his mother’s favorite color.

With a $125,000 prize and a spread in Harper’s Bazaar for his reality win, Williams is headed for the stars. Stay tuned.

I sat down with Jeffrey to ask him how he made his dreams come true, what’s next and a bit gossip of course. Read. You will fall in love.

How did you land the show?

My sister is the one who suggested I participate on The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection season 2. The first thing I said was nooooo wayyyyy!! hahahhahahaha. I truly missed the date of the audition purposely. The next day I called my sister and said “Love, the audition passed but I promise to do it next time it comes around.” Omg, the next day she calls and tells me I read the dates for NJ not NY-so I promised to go. Thank goodness she didn’t accept no for an answer!! I had a day to get prepared for the audition. When I entered the room for the audition my world instantly changed. Talk about stars aligning… I totally struck magic and never want it to stop!! Thank God for my sister!!!

How do you keep yourself/image current after the show?

I try to keep myself current by keeping up with my Twitter, blog, Facebook fan page, travel, reading. It’s also great doing interviews here and there. I never want it to stop!

What was the first step in starting your own business?

The first step to starting your own business is having faith in yourself. Having a story and product to sell. This is my baby, this is my marriage, my love!

What’s your inspiration for the new line?

I took a trip to India this year and I’m obsessed with the culture there! It goes beyond color… sometimes just the shapes of their garb made me wild! It was crazy to see the natural similarities I share with the Indian culture. I think I lived as an Indian prince in a past life! I’m constantly inspired by the idea of unisex… the balance of sexuality, and the desire to have lived the 70’s.

How do you handle production/manufacturing?

Omg production and manufacturing can be intense at times. But the key is “organization”! I have lots of friends in the fashion industry and worked with many production/manufacturing companies while being at Alexander Wang and Peter Som. So I tend to stick with the ones I know and been referred to-it keeps things less hectic.

Following the show did you need investor(s) or not?

It’s great to be able to start up my own business but I’m definitely looking for investors.