Be An Insta-Star: How To Take Good Pics With Your Phone

Jessica Hoppe

Our ownSuzie G just named THE10 Instagram fashionistas to follow—done and done. But now that I am busy perusing the photographs on my iPhone, I’ve become quite jealous of the skills at work here. How do people take pictures of this caliber?

CNN photographers decided to put their skills to test in order to find out how to capture high quality images with lesser equipment, namely your cellphone which is most readily used as you most likely have it on you at all times. (Yes, we should work on this as well but that’s another article.).

Cell phone manufactures understand how valuable chronicling the whole of our lives must be to us and have kicked up their camera phone game.Most cell phones made in the past five years are equipped with decent built-in recorders,lenses which can range as high as eight megapixels, countlessapps that will have people calling youAnnie Leibovitz.

Follow these simple steps and click your way to Instagram fame:

Hold Steady

Image stabilization is not good in most cell phones so be sure to hold your phone with both hands—the steadier the hold, the better the photograph.

Hit The Lights

Make sure the subject you are shooting is well lit. The flash mechanisms for cell phones are not often reliable with the exception of the iPhone.

Try, Try Again

Understand that what you see with your naked eye in not always what you get in your camera lense. Be sure to take several shots of something that’s important to you.

Get in There

Cell phones do not have variable focus lenses which means the background and foreground are going to have equal degrees of focus. If you want your subject to stand out you got to get up-close and personal.


Use apps such as Instagram to give your photos richness and depth. You can even turn some into black and white or vintage.

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