Baywatch the Movie Is Happening: What We Know So Far

Leah Bourne

Photo Via Vulture

Ever since “Baywatch” went off the air in 2001, the world has collectively missed skimpy red bathing suits, watching well-endowed babes running in slow-mo on the beach, and most acutely, David Hasselhoff. Well, fear not “Baywatch”-lovers, there is a spin-off movie in the works—just don’t call it Baywatch.

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Here’s what we know so far: The spin-off is called The B-Team, and the concept behind it is that the actors who starred on “Baywatch” weren’t actually actors at all, but CIA agents, who, when they became household names, were also fighting crime. Yes, this is actually the premise of the movie, we kid you not.

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Because the makers of the movie can’t actually use the name Baywatch in any way because they don’t have the rights to the original series, the rumor is that whenever the word Baywatch will be said, an explosion or some kind of loud sound will happen simultaneously.

Much of the original “Baywatch” cast has signed on including Jaason Simmons, Alexandra Paul, and Jeremy Jackson, who played Hobie Buchannon, son of David Hasselhoff’s character Mitch.  Rumors also point to Pamela Anderson and Hasselhoff having committed to the project.

If this isn’t the stuff of guilty pleasure movie fantasies, we don’t quite know what it is. And with that, we are off to dig out our red one-piece from storage in anticipation.