Battle of the September Issues: Will Vogue Be The Victor?


As the summer heat rolls on, all we can do to survive is look forward to fall temperatures and the fall fashion September issues. Cond Nast Corp tweeted that Vogue ad pages are clocking in this September with a 9.3% increase from last year to 584. This means that Vogue isthe leader in September issues and that you hopefully have 9.3% more fashion-y goodness coming your way.

Vogue competitors Elle and Harper’s Bazaar had different results. According to Ad Week,Harper’s increased 2.2% to 308 ad pages, while Elle ad pages decreased 6.8% to 350 pages. CondNast’s sister publicationW increased 3% to 255 pages.

Why all the ups and downs? It’s hard to speculate, but maybe it boils down to Vogue just having more brand recognition than any other title. A Kate Moss cover, while a bit safe, is probably a really good sell for advertisers (it is a wedding exclusive, after all). It’s hard to argue that any other mag represents the world of fashion and glamour with more notoriety than Vogue. Personally, I’m just happy with whatever keeps Grace Coddington working.

Which September issue are you most excited to get your hands on?