Naturally, Bruce Wayne Wears Armani Suits in “Dark Knight Rises”

Liz Doupnik

armani batman04 Naturally, Bruce Wayne Wears Armani Suits in Dark Knight Rises

As we anxiously await the opening of “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” (tomorrow!) we’ve definitely been taking some time to look at the movie’s insanely awesome costumes. Interpreting these super-characters, costume designer Lindy Hemming returned (pun intended) to partnering with Giorgio Armani for the suiting of Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman, who’s played in the movie by Christian Bale.

Looking at the sharp tailoring, we’re surely telling our boyfriends that men’s suits are a total must-have for the upcoming season. Have a hankering for channeling your inner tomboy? You’re in luck! Borrow that blazer and throw it over a jean short and vintage T-shirt combo (you’ll look like a neo-Patti Smith!)

In any case, you can count on us to be not-so patiently waiting in line to check out just how good Christian Bale looks in a suit, thanks to Mr. Armani.

Photo via WWD.