15 Gorgeous Styling Ideas to Glam Up Your Bathroom

15 Gorgeous Styling Ideas to Glam Up Your Bathroom
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The bathroom often gets the decorating shaft. Even though it’s a place where you spend a ton of time (some research has estimated that the average person spends about a year and a half of their lives there) it’s a room designated for practical purposes, it’s often a small space, and much of your decorating energy—and budget—probably goes toward other rooms. In other words, bathroom chandeliers aren’t likely the first order of business when decorating.

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Since bathrooms are small and practical, you don’t have to get overly crafty when giving them a glammed-up makeover. It’s all about light and mirrors to help the space feel larger and more luxe. Check out how these 15 bathrooms, most of which have gorgeous chandeliers or other fancy lighting fixtures, make a statement.

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