Bath Boards Are The Key To Enjoying A Solo Spa Night In

Julia Marzovilla
Bath Boards Are The Key To Enjoying A Solo Spa Night In
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This year, self-care is more paramount than ever before, so spending all night soaking in the tub is encouraged. Having all the necessities—a bath bomb, a hair mask and a bath board, for example—on hand can make the difference between a good bath and an amazing one, so investing in your night in is truly worth it. Whether you call them bath boards, bath trays, bath shelves or by any other name, there’s no denying that a good bath caddy is an essential when it comes to a relaxing night in. 

If you’ve ever had the urge to drink your wine, read your new book and scroll through your Instagram feed while soaking in the tub, you need a bath board in your life. They’re designed to hold everything you could ever want right over your tub, keeping your essentials dry while you lay back and relax in the bubbles. Now you’ll never have to worry about dropping your glass of rosé while reaching for your phone again!

There are tons of different styles of bath shelves available to shop right now, from chic bamboo options to shiny gold alternatives, so they match any aesthetic and guarantee the perfect Insta pic. Your bath time will become so nice, you may never want to get out (Or need to, since all your essentials are reachable!) So get your diffuser going, dim the lights and try to relax

If you’re spending a self-care night in hanging out at home, make sure to add a bath caddy to your list of spa night necessities. You totally deserve it.

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Courtesy of Simhoo.

This Board With Slots For Everything

Oh, you want a tray that can really do it all? This versatile bath caddy
can hold whatever you throw on it. It has spaces for your tablet or book, phone, a  wine holder, a candle and extra room for any other essentials.


Courtesy of ZHD Home.

This Pretty Gold Caddy

Wood not your thing? This minimalist gold caddy
offers a different look entirely. It’s designed with two deeper pockets to hold books or tablets (and wine), and is adjustable to fit almost any tub, so it’s great if you’re too lazy to take your bathtub’s measurements.


Courtesy of RedheadWoods/Etsy.

This Earthy Wooden Tray

If you’re looking for a tray with a more rustic vibe, this Etsy bath board is perfect. The unfinished edge and natural shape gives any bathroom a super boho vibe.



Courtesy of Esker Beauty.

This Minimalist White Board

This bath board from Esker just feels especially clean and aesthetically-pleasing to me. Crafted from premium pine, it even has a mirror that flips up so you can apply some skincare while you soak.



Courtesy of ToiletTree Products.

This Trendy Acrylic Tray

This sleek, clear caddy
is best if you don’t need a lot of specific slots. It’s the most simple option this list (and retails for under $30), so it’s a welcome addition to any bathroom.


Courtesy of Cabot & Carlyle.

This Minimalist White Wood

A lightweight bamboo caddy like this one from Cabot & Carlyle
is great if you’re into that all-white bathroom aesthetic. It comes with built-in slots for your wine, phone and tablet and there’s even a spot for some smaller towels.


Courtesy of Umbra.

This Dreamy Dark Wood

This dark wood caddy
comes complete with small notches in the back to hold your razor and and loofa, as well as space for the usual suspects. Plus, the darker wood hue just looks expensive AF.


Courtesy of Uncommon Goods.

This Swivel Bath Tray

Don’t want a full-blown bath caddy? This mini bath tray attaches to the side of the tub and swivels for easy access. It suctions onto any porcelain bath tub, so there’s no need to worry about hitting it with your knees while you settle in.


Courtesy of CornishRusticCrafts/Etsy

This Necessary Wine Holder

This board might look simple, but it can be customized to fit any and all of your bath time needs before you order. You can add holders for candles or even get your name engraved (Hint: This one also makes a great gift!).


Courtesy of Hastings Home.

This Basic Bamboo Board

Need something, and need it now? This basic bath caddy from Target is great if you’re on the hunt for a last-minute gift or just want something that isn’t too over-the-top.


Courtesy of West Elm.

This Modern White Tray

Oh, so you want your bathroom to look straight out of an Architectural Digest spread? This white bath shelf from West Elm is perfect for that. It doesn’t hurt that it’s priced at $25.