Bat for Lashes Releases Two Suns


Remember Chris GainesGarth Brooks’ alter ego who was really just Garth Brooks with a soul patch? I loved Garth Brooks’ Christmas album as a kid and constantly spooled the cassette tape with a pen when it got stuck in my Fisher Price cassette player. However, when Chris Gaines and his fictional biography debuted, even I thought he’d gone effing insane.

The alter ego is an interesting indulgence. Garth Brooks had one. Beyonce has one (Sasha Fierce). Hannah Montana is one (or is Miley Cyrus the alter ego-which one is fictional?). I think technically any solo musician is one… Technically.

Well the one capturing my attention is Bat for Lashes (aka Natasha Khan aka Pearl) who released her new album Two Suns today. The majority of the album was written in New York as Bat for Lashes donned a blond wig, dubbed herself Pearl and became a partying vampire. The disparity between Pearl and Bat for Lashes’ personalities leads to an album that runs the gamut from disheartening ethereal vocals to sassy pop beats.

Bat for Lashes has been a style staple in Nylon and Spin with just cause as she basically embodies the lighthearted ideal of, “Weekend Warrior” with her sequined headband and eye shadow war paint.  I’m currently hyperventilating as I try to pick one of NARS’ amazing single eyeshadows (more specifically the Nightlife Collection) to emulate Bat for Lashes’ look.

If you had (or have) an alter ego, what’s their name? Mine’s, “Baby Dino”… Rawr rawr rawr…