Editor’s Pick: The Perfect Beach Wedding Shoes That Aren’t Shoes At All

A beach wedding is the stuff that bridal dreams are made of: Your friends and family watching you exchange vows in front of a romantic sunset and crashing ocean waves. But whether that beach is on the rocky coast of California, the sandy islands of the Caribbean, or on the sunny edge of Florida, they all pose the same problem: Finding footwear that’s both wedding-appropriate and sand-friendly.

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A heel will immediately plunge into the ground, while a wedge is oftentimes not formal enough to complement your summer cocktail dress.  And the thought about sandals or flip flops for a formal occasion? No thank you.  Well get excited because we seem to have found the perfect sartorial solution: the barefoot sandal.

barefoot beach wedding sandals stylecasterPhoto: Etsy

Barefoot sandals are a ribbon-based foot accessory that tie around your toe on one end and wrap around the ankle at the other, with the main focus point being on top of the foot. There are a variety of different styles, which can range anywhere from pearls to lace to flowers depending on your wedding look.

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I’ve been shopping around for beach wedding sandals to no avail—wedges seemed to ruin the elegance of my long chiffon dress, while heels are just not an option.  Even embellished sandals made the overall style look cheap and clunky.  Needless to say, I was overjoyed to find this gorgeous set made of white flowers with crystal centers, and tied with a delicate string.  They’re an ideal solution for all the beach weddings I have this summer, where conditions call for being barefoot (especially after a few flutes of celebratory champagne).

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Spring flower sandals, $43;available at Etsy