Happy Birthday Barbra Streisand: 7 Decades, 1 Haircut

Jessica Rubin

Let’s face it, Beyoncé can give it her best shot, but there has never been a diva quite like Barbra Streisand. Just ask Rachel Berry, Lea Michele‘s very talented but slightly annoying character on Glee who worships the air that Streisand breathes. Babs has certainly cemented a spot for herself as a Hollywood icon — we might even venture to call her a legend.

Between The Way We Were, Don’t Rain On My Parade and her haircut (which holds a strong resemblance to Jennifer Aniston’s famous “Rachel cut“), Babs has maintained a level of fabulousness in her 70 years that most of us can only dream of. (Not to mention she just might be the original hipster, a case that Paper Mag argues pretty convincingly.)

To celebrate seven decades of Strei-sanity, click through the slideshow above! What’s your favorite Barbra Streisand moment? Let us know in the comments section below!