See Barbie’s Entire Wardrobe From 1963

Leah Bourne
barbie post See Barbies Entire Wardrobe From 1963

Photo: Time

When Barbie hit the market in 1958, she became an instant icon revered for her fashion sense, and with good reason. Initially, Barbie might not have been the most career-minded woman, she might not have reflected the range of women out there in the world with her perfect hourglass shape and only white skin, but she sure knew how to dress.

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In 1963, in honor of the doll’s fifth birthday, LIFE photographer Allan Grant photographed each of her 64 outfits available that year, a spread recently highlighted by

Together, Barbie’s entire wardrobe cost just $136 in 1963, which equals roughly $1,039 in today’s dollars.

The collection of clothes most prominently features a wedding dress, cocktail attire, and a crop top and skirt combo—not exactly the kind of clothes that a woman who worked would wear. The Barbies at the time who did have career ambitions had just a few choices: business executive, stewardess, ballerina, nurse, and babysitter.

Today of course, there are a million and one outfits for Barbie to choose from, and a host of careers for Barbie to consider including president, scientist, doctor, entrepreneur—the list goes on and on.

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And while we applaud Mattel for evolving Barbie into something more than just a pretty face, let’s all just take a second to bow down to her total chicness in 1963. Because seriously, we would basically kill to get our hands on her black gown with a taffeta mermaid skirt, or her satin pedal pushers.