Barbie Doll Collectors, Take Note: The 15 Weirdest Barbies Of All Time

Meghan Blalock
Barbie Doll Collectors, Take Note: The 15 Weirdest Barbies Of All Time
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Barbie is back in the news! Normally, whenever the world’s most famous plastic lady does something notable, it involves buying a new car, being draped in diamonds, or having designer Trina Turk create a collection inspired by her (which really happened.) But this time, things are a bit different, and a bit more awesome.

Mattel recently announced that behind the classic iteration of the Barbie doll, the brand’s number two best seller is Goth Barbie

Part of Mattel’s “Monster High” line of dolls, which feature young ladies who are of a distinctly non-human persuasion, Goth Barbie has vaguely green skin, a large scar on her cheek, and is wearing a polka dot tie with a plaid dress. We love her.

Interestingly, Goth Barbie isn’t the first Barbie to encourage young kids to let their freak flag fly, so to speak. Click through the gallery above to see 15 more Barbies who broke the mold, made us think, and inspired little girls everywhere to follow their weird little dreams.

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The Goth Barbie recently topped out as Mattel's number two seller
underneath classic Barbie, which we hear prompted a lot of chatter in
the Monster High cafeteria.

Photo: Mattel/Mattel

Yes, Barbie was once an astronaut. Actually, she's been an astronaut more than once; there have been multiple releases of Astronaut and Miss Astronaut Barbie. But, obviously, the one where she's wearing the pink spacesuit is the best.

Barbie has had many careers throughout her life, and one of the best is when she was a cashier at McDonald's. Can we get fries with that?

One might think that Police Officer Barbie is too busy upholding the law to slip into a gold lamé party dress, but she has one just in case.

One of the best Barbies of all time is the Busy Gal Barbie. Originally released in 1960, this Barbie encapsulated all the hopes and dreams of miniature fashionistas everywhere; namely, being too busy for any nonsense, and having a little portfolio inscribed with "Fashion Designer."

The original Catwoman Barbie was totally badass. The ears! The mask! The gold belt!

Before there was "Lean In," there was CEO Barbie. Inspiring
generations of aspiring working girls, she came complete with a phone, a
laptop, a briefcase, and a very professional looking haircut.

Who needs "60 Minutes" when you've got Journalist Barbie, who came complete with a microphone, a camera, and a little reporter's notebook.

For obvious reasons, Oreo Fun Barbie caused a lot of
controversy. We love Oreos, and we love Barbies, but we're not so sure
they make sense together.

Second only to astronaut, paleontologist was Barbie's coolest job ever. Just look at her, digging for dinosaur bones. She looks so happy.

Here's hoping Parisian Barbie steered very clear of the Montmarte district in her heyday.

That hair and those tights are what make Poison Ivy Barbie so special.

Definitely the most bizarre Barbie ever was Pregnant Barbie, who actually had a tiny doll fetus inside her torso. Thankfully, she also had an OBGYN Ken by her side to ensure a safe and comfortable delivery.

Did anyone know about this? Princess Unicorn Barbie had an actual unicorn on her head, plus a tiara. Awesome.

Western Barbie rocked a lot of fringe and a cowgirl hat on top of Farrah Fawcett's famous 'do while she rode off into the sunset.

The best thing about Wonder Woman Barbie, we think, is her makeup. It's so glam, so diva, and so... powerful.

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