Barack Obama: America’s Favorite President, Pitcher


Barack Obama won over the hearts of nearly all Americans in 2008, which was clearly evident during the presidential elections when he beat John McCain by a landslide. His inaugural address, the most publicized presidential inauguration in American history, marked the beginning of his term in office…and the celebrity status that would follow. Between talk-show interviews, photoshoots, magazine coverage, and his appearance in St. Louis last night to deliver the first-pitch of the All-Star Games, our president may very well be the most talked-about man under the sun.

ESPN covered the epic baseball event, describing Obama’s pitch, which included a little bit of assistance from St. Louis Cardinal Albert Pujols, as “delivered — barely.” Well, barely is better than not at all. At least “he didn’t bounce it.”

As we watched our favorite politician work the stadium, we were somewhat taken back by his choice of armor: a Chicago White Sox jacket (understandable), some old looking jeans, and white running sneakers. Yikes.

Let’s cut our leading man some slack. He is working hard to take us out of a depression and we just want to return the favor. Politics, finance, and international affairs, he may know, but fashion…that’s our department of expertise.

So come on, Mr. President, help us to help you. Your wife is climbling her way up the ladder of style-icon and we want you to be right up there with her.

We can’t let Nicolas Sarkozy look sharper than you from across the pond. No way.

Let’s start with your jeans. It’s time to modernize. You know better than anyone that the future is now. We can’t have our president running around in 1989 Levi’s. Slick men need slick pants. These are our top picks:

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2. Levi’s for J.Crew straight fit light wash jeans are perfect for a play day with the First Puppy, Bo., $96, at

3. Reinterpret presidential cool with Acne Mic jeans in Rigid, $113, at

4. Flying overseas via Air Force One? Wear Rag & Bone’s Blade jeans. $255, at

5. And try Earnest Sewn’s Ace.227 bootcut jeans for all around style and comfort. $128, at

No hard feelings, right? We just want to help get the wheels of our economy turning, and for you to look great. We can do it… Yes we can.