Bar Refaeli Parades Her Post-Baby Body in a Bikini

Bar Refaeli Parades Her Post-Baby Body in a Bikini
Photo: Wenn

Bar Refaeli is committed to getting back in shape after giving birth to a baby girl August 11. In case you missed it, she’s been documenting her workouts on social media, with captions like, “As you can see, I’m all about getting back in shape #addicted.” And just two months after bringing little Liv into the world, Refaeli hit Instagram to show off her body in a bikini. No less than six times. In the past two days.

Floating in water so blue that it almost looks actual turquoise, Refaeli has been showing off her sunny vacation—and all that hard work she’s been doing at the gym. Posting without a stitch of makeup on her face, she captioned her shots with things like, “#nofilter #noworries,” “Sun Kissed,” or just simply, “Life.”

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Refaeli has posted short videos of herself working out atop a Bosu ball with TRX bands, which is especially helpful after childbirth, as they fire up those abs, kinesiology professor Jim Pivarnik told Self. Though we’re major proponents of honoring your body after giving birth and going as slow as you want (shout-out Chrissy Teigen!), we applaud Refaeli and her painstaking efforts in the name of fitness. And great genes. We applaud those too.

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