Want: An Aztec-Printed Bandeau Bikini Top for Less Than $50

Perrie Samotin

XT012DES-FUS-1What: A cute and colorful strapless bikini top in a bold Aztec print.

Why: As much as we love the brilliant prints and colors found on so many designer swimsuits, the fact remains that a girl’s got to chose her splurges wisely. Swimsuits—while totally necessary—are susceptible to sand, chlorine, and sunscreen, making them a bit of a frustrating splurge. That’s why we’re loving this bold structured top—it’s stylish, functional, and clocks in at less than $50.

How: We’d wear this bikini top with a basic pair of basic black bottoms for an effortless mix-and-match look, or spring for an almost-matching bottom for less than $40.

Desi Bandeau Bikini Top, $46; at Billabong