Bandage Goes Grunge


A wise rapper once said, “you can’t turn a h* into a housewife,” but you just might be able to turn a hipster into one. Herve Leger, of the Bandage Dress fame (worn by every Real Housewife and starlet this side of the Hudson), has signed musician and former Beatrice DJ Lissy Trullie as the new face and body for their next ad campaign.

According to WWD, designer and chief executive Max Azria thinks that Trullie’s look goes along with their “urban tribe” inspiration. We were thinking more like “suburban midlife crisis tribe,” or “celeb red carpet staple tribe.” Trullie is definitely an adorable pixie of a girl, but it might throw her cult following into a Parliament-smoking tizzy to see her in dresses rather than bowler hats and blazers.

Trullie plans on releasing a video titled “Ready for the Floor,” showcasing her new Herve Leger wardrobe.

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