25 Ways to Look Feminine in Baggy Jeans

Kristen Bousquet
25 Ways to Look Feminine in Baggy Jeans
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After stuffing ourselves with one too many multi-course dinners over the holidays, there’s something all too appealing about slipping on a pair of baggy jeans right about now.

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But just because our instinct is to prioritize comfort above all else, doesn’t mean we have to throw in the towel on style. Luckily, super-baggy jeans are no longer just meant for your boyfriend or ’90s rappers—anyone can pull them off. Yes, even fashion girls. Whether you choose a pair that are just slightly loose, or go for a crazy-oversized pair, there’s a lot to dig about this look, especially when paired with feminine staples like high heels, silky blouses, and structured jackets.

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When you do settle on a great pair of baggy jeans, then comes the hard part of deciding what to pair them with. To figure that out we turned to some of the most stylish bloggers around to show you exactly how you can style baggy jeans and look chic! Click through the slideshow to check out these awesome baggy jeans outfits for inspiration.