10 Things We’re Glad To Leave Behind in 2015

Cady Lang

Blame it on internet over-saturation or just plain boredom, but 2015 was a year marked by ridiculous levels of investment in ridiculous things that people made way too much hullabaloo about. Call it the year of our discontent.

Take, for instance, that time grown adults lost their shit for more than a week on a dress that appeared either blue and black or white and gold. Or the time that man buns reached such mass appeal that there were clip-in versions available to those less hirsute. Or the time we thought hoverboards were a good idea (not sure if anyone ever really thought this was a good idea, though).

Without further ado, here are the top ten things we’ll be glad to say goodbye to as we exit 2015.

Squad Goals: Squads, girl gangs, Taylor Swift‘s ever-changing friend group, Taylor Swift in general—let’s make it a goal to keep our friendships organic and not manufacture our “squad,” kay?

Hoverboards: These are terrifying—they can spontaneously combust, are not easy to ride at all, and pose a serious threat to those riding and those witnessing the rider. Basketball player and notorious bad boy J.R. Smith thought it would be a good idea to ride one into the NBA playoffs and that alone should be a warning signal.

Blue/Black vs. White/Gold Dress Debate: THE DRESS IS BLUE/BLACK AND THAT IS ALL.

Man Buns: I was actually very partial to the man bun, as I enjoy a nice flow and a man bun seems practical to maintaining that. However, that was before they took over mass culture and clip-in man buns arrived on the scene.


Meek Mill’s Twitter Beefs and Struggling Career: Meek Mill, you’re dating the most dynamic MC in the game—do not fuck it up by getting in Twitter beefs with her longtime BFF, Aubrey Graham.

Netflix-and-Chill: Consider this 2015’s term for cuffing season, or as older generations liked to call it, seasonal courting. Facts are, we’ve all been cuddling to ward off the chill for quite a while. No need to tiptoe around it.

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Kylie Jenner’s Lips: Homegirl got major injections , she likes to overline, and it’s because of this she became really, really famous—can we all stop talking about her now?

Whip/Nae Nae: It was fun until it wasn’t. And yet, it’s still everywhere.

Hope For New Frank Ocean Music: Frank, you promised us new music in July of 2015. In JULY.

Our Love for Olivia Pope: Olivia has made some pretty bad decisions this year—she killed off Jake’s wife, fucked up her relationship with Fitz after four seasons of will-they-or-won’t-they, and has basically turned into her father. Sorry, Olivia, but we’re not here for it anymore.

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