Bad Bosses: TV’s 10 Worst People to Work For


Besides running on little to no sleep, obsessively checking our BlackBerrys and working the quintessential 9 to 5s (or 8 to 10, in New York time), not many of us work for a psychotic boss like Miranda Priestley. The stereotypical nightmare boss is mostly seen on TV or in the movies, providing harmless entertainment.

Here’s our list of the top ten bosses we would rather become homeless (or work at Friendly’s…again) than work for. This might be NSFW…if your boss is right behind you.

Mr. Burns, The Simpsons
Stalking around twiddling his fingers, rocking a gross receding hairline and a twisted hunchback, we wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark corner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

Keith Faber, Roseanne

The replacement foreman at Wellman Plastics who forces Roseanne into quitting her minimum wage job, taking everyone with her. Not that we’d want to work in a plastics factory, anyway…

David Brent, The Office

Working at a paper merchant office in rural Britain is bleak enough without your boss making awkward sexual advances and publicly exhibiting “Flashdance and MC Hammer” moves.

The Brain, Pinky and the Brain

“Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?”
“The same thing we do every night, Pinky; try to take over the world.”
We’re ambitious and all, but that might be too many worked weekends, and all-nighters even for us.

Dr. Claw
, Inspector Gadget

The evil boss villain on Inspector Gadget was the head of a super evil corporation and M.A.D. The dude was only ever seen as a hand attached to a chair…we doubt he offered his employees health benefits.

Jeff Lewis, Flipping Out

Besides making all his employees cry on a daily basis, his live-in housekeeper, Zoila, wasn’t allowed to take her birthday off because she got Christmas off, but was rewarded with McDonalds. Whoo.

Charlie, Charlie’s Angels

Yeah, he was the voice behind three ass-kicking, strong women, but as a boss…did he really do a whole lot?

Ari Gold, Entourage

Just in case you ever wanted to sell your soul to Hollywood, Ari should be the one to buy it. After years of being a devoted assistant, poor Lloyd was finally given a legit job, along with a sign that says “Our favorite Asian.”

Adrian Monk, Monk

We don’t think we could work with a man for more than five minutes if we had to Purell everything and make sure all his potato chips were distributed in even numbers.

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