7 Fashion Trends That Need To Die In 2015

Leah Bourne

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There were quite a few fashion trends worth getting excited about in 2014: The return of 1990s minimalism, dressed-up sneakers, and some of the coolest statement coats we’ve ever seen.

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Still, there were also a few trends that aren’t worthy of being brought into the new year. Or, to put it bluntly, annoying, overdone fads we’d like to see die a quick death in 2015.

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So let’s start the year off right, and make a vow together to not perpetuate these trends in 2015. The world (or at least the world of fashion) will be the better for it.

normcore 7 Fashion Trends That Need To Die In 2015

Photo: Carolines Mode

1. Normcore.

The term “normcore” was coined earlier this year by New York-based collective K-Hole as part of the forecasting report “Youth Mode: A Report Freedom” as a way to describe the non-descript style made popular by suburban dads that was suddenly being embraced by the fashion set.

To a certain point, we totally got it: People were sick of peacocking to the point of wearing feather headdresses and 9-inch heels to get noticed, and there’s something refreshing about wearing plain sneakers and jeans. That said, we spent the better part of the year yawning at the fashion choices of a cadre of women whose style we normally bow down to. Enough is enough with normcore, we’re ready to be inspired again, and ready to look like individuals.

naked dress rumer willis

Photo: Wenn

2. The naked dress. 

What’s the point of even wearing clothes? That was the message of the outfit choices of various celebrities and models this year. From Rihanna who picked up her Fashion Icon Award at the 2014 CFDA Awards in a gown that consisted of pink crystals, and not much else, to the visible panty line trend worn by everyone from Kim Kardashian to Lily Aldridge, to overtly naked numbers favored by Rumer Willis and Miley Cyrus, fashion this year was all about showing it all.

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Sure, if you look like Rihanna or a Victoria’s Secret model, its understandable you’d want to remind the world of your hotness at every turn, but let’s face it: The naked dress isn’t the easiest look to pull off. Designers, if you’re listening, might we request you spend some time in 2015 designing evening clothes women not seeking headlines can wear? We promise to thank you for it.

fast food main 7 Fashion Trends That Need To Die In 2015

Photo: Smiling Is So Chic

3. Fast food fashion.

Jeremy Scott referenced McDonald’s on the Fall 2014 runway at Moschino. Over at Chanel that same season, Karl Lagerfeld created a supermarket themed runway, which even included accessories to match like milk carton and supermarket basket bags. Anya Hindmarch’s Fall 2014 “Tony the Tiger” breakfast-cereal-inspired handbags were a favorite among the street-style set this year. And at Kate Spade, the brand’s Chinese takeout container bags were an instant hit. Cute while it was the new thing, sure, but let’s let this one go as we head into 2015.

birk2 7 Fashion Trends That Need To Die In 2015

Photo: The Man Repeller

4. Ugly sandals. 

From hippie Birkenstocks, to strappy Tevas, to even (gasp) black and white Adidas shower shoes, it seems every hideous sandal from the ’90s made an appearance in 2014. The name of this trend says it all, so let’s all agree to move on, and start wearing pretty shoes a gain, shall we?

484557123 7 Fashion Trends That Need To Die In 2015

Photo: Getty

5. Flower crowns.

Oh flower crowns: you started off as such a cute trend when we spotted the likes of Lana Del Rey and Alexa Chung wearing you a few years back at Coachella. Recalling Renaissance maidens and 1960s flower children, we loved the way you added just the right boho touch to an outfit.

But then everyone started wearing one, we mean everyone, and everywhere. Flower crowns to hang out at a musical festival? Cute, if a little predictable at this point. Flower crowns to grab coffee on a Monday? Not so much. Courtney Love said in an interview with Style.com this year that she invented the trend years ago, and has since moved on. “I’m going to say something,” she said, “and I’m going to stand by it, which is this: Flower crowns are over.” Amen to that.

mullet skirts 24 7 Fashion Trends That Need To Die In 2015

Photo: The Berry

6. The mullet skirt.

Some call it the high-low skirt, some call it the mullet skirt, whatever the name, let’s just make it stop. Just the like the haircut, the high-low hemline runs long in the back and shorter in the front, and has certainly run its course.

The trend first became popular in the 1980s, and then went the way of other bad trends from the decade like leg warmers and perms—with good reason. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to when Geena Davis showed up to the Oscars in 1992 in a mullet dress, which quickly became known as one of the worst red carpet fashion moments of all time. We don’t have to go back there people, so let’s not.

normcore rw 7 Fashion Trends That Need To Die In 2015

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7. Ripped to-the-max jeans.

Ripped jeans are cool. Jeans that are so torn that your whole leg is falling out? Over. From Rita Ora to Miley Cyrus and every fashion girl in between, people were ripping and slashing their jeans to the point that we were left to wonder why even bother putting pants on in the first place? To be clear: We’re big fans of lightly ripped jeans, but let’s be reasonable with this look and remember: Everything in moderation.