Backstage With Helmut Lang: Hurricanes, Sea Creatures, More

Liz Doupnik

While on one end of the spectrum, new lines are sprouting out every which way, we’re also observing more seasoned brands undergoing a major rejuvenation. Yesterday, we visited backstage with one of the older – and more influential – of the shows for New York Fashion Week, Helmut Lang.

Taking off in the late 1980s and then acquiring major attention in the ’90s, this line has long been known for its minimalist, deconstructed aesthetic. As the relatively new design duo, Michael and Nicole Colovos, a more accessible version of the original line has purveyed propelling Helmut Lang back into the spotlight once again.

We dodged models and backstage dressers as they prepared for the Spring 2013 show to chat about the collection and their craziest fashion week moments to date. Read on below to see what they have to say and click through the slideshow to see some of the top looks as well as shots from backstage!

StyleCaster: How did the collection come to be? There’s quite a lot of bright colors!

Michael: It came from the sea. We were inspired by these really unexpected photos of really ordinary sea creatures like crabs and sea horses and just the way they were shot and the colors – I had never seen them that way.

Nicole: They had really bright colors and a translucent quality to them so that was our starting point.

What catches your eye when you’re walking down the street?

N: Confidence. I think a girl who is really confident and comfortable in what she’s wearing, I think she stands out in that crowd. Whatever she’s wearing then looks good.

So how do you guys keep pushing such a name like Helmut Lang and keep driving into the future?

M: I think it’s just trying to stay relevant. We don’t really think of it in terms of work, it’s fun creating and just trying to be present and in the moment and just do things that feel new.

N: Just doing things that are interesting to us. You know, you’ve looked at the pieces from the previous season so much for so long, you just naturally are just done with that and want to start fresh and work on something new.

What’s your craziest fashion week moment to date?

N: A year ago there was a hurricane that was about to happen. It was the weekend before our show and none of us could come to the office, the seamstresses, the pattern-makers, there was this huge hurricane coming and then it was fashion week. It was really terrifying , it made you wonder which one am I more terrified about? The hurricane or fashion week?