Will The BackEmbrace Fix My Terrible Work-From-Home Posture?

Bella Gerard
Will The BackEmbrace Fix My Terrible Work-From-Home Posture?
Photo: Courtesy of BackEmbrace; Adobe.

This week marks my one-year anniversary of bad posture brought on by working from home. Yay me! Seriously, though—working from my bed or couch and spending early mornings and late nights hunched over a laptop instead of the massive monitor at my office desk is definitely taking a toll on my neck, back and shoulders. I’m practically C-shaped! Because of this, I’ve been on a mission to find little things to help correct the way I hold myself while sitting all day, and I’m hoping the BackEmbrace
will be the one to really improve my posture long-term.

So far, I’ve tried everything from a buzzer that vibrates whenever I slouch to sitting on a balance disc and working only from my desk, but while some of my discoveries have been helpful in the short-term, I haven’t been able to kick my habit of hunching over for good. That’s why I was so eager to try the BackEmbrace when I first came across it on Amazon; unlike a lot of things I’d been recommended, it seemed fairly straightforward instead of gimmicky. I had high hopes it could be simple enough to actually work.

When I first got my BackEmbrace, I was a little nervous to put it on. It’s basically a velcro-closure harness, and I was worried my Postmate or someone delivering a package would see me answer the door and think I was into some weird velcro bondage. Fortunately, you can wear it underneath your clothes or over them, so I did the former when I knew I’d be seen and the latter when I was home alone all day. I’m a petite size 10 and I opted for the size M/L, which I felt was a great fit. Still, I’ll skip the embarrassing photo of myself in it and use one of the models instead.

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STYLECASTER | BackEmbrace Review

Courtesy of BackEmbrace.

Overall, the point of this brace is to gently pull on slouching shoulders to encourage proper alignment, without leaving you sore or causing any additional discomfort. I definitely noticed the brace while I was wearing it, but I wasn’t irritated by it at all. It was basically a constant reminder to sit up straight, so it definitely relieved a lot of tension after just a few hours of wear.

I don’t know if I could keep it on for a full 10-hour work day (You guys only work eight hours???) but lately, I like to either start my day with it on and then take it off in the evening or go without in the morning and put it on when I catch myself hunched over while sorting through emails.

STYLECASTER | BackEmbrace Review

Courtesy of Bella Gerard.

I’m not going to claim that the BackEmbrace
is a miracle-worker, but I’ve recommended it to several friends who have complained to me about posture and neck tension brought on by their work-from-home setups. Personally, I find it to be an effective reminder not to hunch over when I’m deep in work mode, but not one that leaves me uncomfortable or irritated. Yes, it looks a little silly on, but wearing it under your clothing is a quick fix, although I do find it more comfortable for long periods of time when worn over a tee.

Given that we’ve all been working from home for a full year now, it’s safe to say we have another six months minimum (probably more!) before office life resumes, so if you’ve got a slouching or hunching problem you need to improve upon, I definitely recommend giving the BackEmbrace a go. Soon enough, you’ll be showing off that good posture in all your team Zoom meetings!

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