This ‘Bachelor’ Spoiler Hints One of Peter’s Finalists Is the Next Bachelorette

Bachelor 2020, Peter
Photo: ABC.

Peter is down to the final four on his season of The Bachelor, which means it’s time to theorize which of these women will be the winner of his season and which will be the next Bachelorette. But first! This clue: A Bachelorette 2020 spoiler hints Madison will be the next Bachelorette after she was seen filming with a Bachelor production crew in her hometown in Auburn, Alabama.

Reality Steve, a.k.a. the Bachelor spoilers extraordinaire, took to his Twitter on Tuesday, February 11, to tweet two photos of Madi at Town Creek Park in Auburn for something Bachelor-related. “Madison currently filming something with production at Town Creek Park in Auburn, Alabama,” he tweeted. Now, Reality Steve didn’t confirm if this was for the next season of The Bachelorette, but given that the leads often film packages in their hometown before the new season, it’s very likely that Madison could be the season 16 Bachelorette. But what does this mean? Well, Madi is one of Peter’s final four, along with Hannah Ann, Kelsey and Victoria F. If Madison was to be the next Bachelorette, that would mean that she and Peter don’t work out, which is sad (!) because she seems like one of his frontrunners.

But! There could be another theory for why Madison is filming something Bachelor-related months after Peter’s season wrapped. In the preview for next week’s episode, Madison reveals she’s a virgin and that she would have a hard time continuing her time on The Bachelor if Peter had sex with someone else, which he does, because, well, he says so. There’s speculation that Peter wants to choose Madison as his winner, but she eliminates herself without telling anyone, which leads Peter’s mom to tearfully tell her son to chase after him. Perhaps Peter does chase after Madison, and they’re together, and this scene of them in Auburn was filmed as sort of an update on their life after a dramatic AF finale.

Just a thought. Either way, Madison is filming something Bachelor-related RN, and we need answers.