Is Clare’s Ex a Contestant on Her Season? This ‘Bachelorette’ Spoiler Hints at a Twist

Bachelorette 2020: Clare Crawley
Photo: ABC.

The devil works hard, but Bachelor producers work harder. A Bachelorette 2020 spoiler hints Benoît could be a contestant on Clare Crawley’s season. ICYMI, Clare, a 38-year-old hairstylist from Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of The Bachelor, was announced as the season 16 Bachelorette earlier this month. As the oldest Bachelorette yet, Clare has had a lot of history in Bachelor Nation. Her most recent Bachelor relationship was with Benoît Beauséjour-Savard, whom she dated on 2018’s Bachelor Winter Games.

While on the show, Clare and Benoît broke up because of her other relationships, but on the “After the Final Rose” finale, the couple revealed that they had reconnected off camera after they both left Winter Games and were in a serious relationship. That’s when Benoît proposed to Clare, who accepted. Unfortch, the engagement didn’t last. A couple months later, Benoît and Clare announced that they had split but continue to be friends.

“It’s with a heavy heart that we have mutually decided to end our relationship. We think the world of each other, and we were hoping we could make this work,” Clare wrote on her Instagram at the time. “I’m sorry that this may not be what you want to hear, but it’s our truth. Just know there are no negative feelings here, we are simply two people who believed in love, and were open enough to give it a chance.”

Fast forward to last week, and Clare and Benoît were photographed filming The Bachelorette in Sacramento, California (Clare’s hometown.) It’s unclear what they’re talking about, but the two had lunch and Clare seems happy. While we would love for Benoît to be a contestant on Clare’s season (it’s not unheard of—remember when Nick Viall joined Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Bachelorette season halfway?), we’re not too sure that Clare is inviting Benoît to come to the Bachelor mansion.

Bachelorette Filming in Sacramento! from r/Sacramento

What does make sense is that Clare met with Benoît to find closure before she dates 30-something men. In the same way that Hannah Brown surprised Peter Weber on the first episode of his Bachelor season, Clare is likely having a conversation with Benoît to clear the air before his season starts. That said, we all know what happened to Peter and Hannah after she made a cameo on her season. Could Benoît’s appearance stir up some feelings for Clare? Guess we’ll have to tune in to find out.