Hannah Brown Just Responded to Rumors She’s the Next Bachelorette & Her Answer Is Telling

Hannah Brown, Bachelorette 2020
Photo: ABC.

Round two? Hannah Brown responded to rumors she’s the Bachelorette 2020, and Bachelor Nation has mixed reactions. The former Miss Alabama USA, 25, was asked by Entertainment Tonight if she would be the Bachelorette again. As viewers remember, Hannah B. was the season 15 Bachelorette, where she got engaged to country singer Jed Wyatt in the season finale. But before the After the Final Rose special, Hannah called off her engagement to Jed after news broke that he wasn’t honest about a girlfriend he had before her season.

Long story short, Hannah didn’t get the love story she expected. She even asked out runner-up Tyler Cameron in the After the Final Rose special. But their relationship went nowhere after Tyler went out with Gigi Hadid days after Hannah asked him on a date. Hannah also surprised Peter Weber on the season 24 premiere of The Bachelor, where she told the pilot that she regretted not choosing him. In the end, though, Hannah went home single again. As for if she would give The Bachelorette another try, Hannah told ET that she likely wouldn’t hand out roses again.

“I went on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to…I want a person in my life. I definitely want that,” she said. “[But] I know that I don’t need that. There is that like, weird…a desire in my heart to find somebody. Do I have to do that as being the Bachelorette? No. But it is I think something that can work and has worked for other people.”

She continued, “Right now, I’m just trying to seize the opportunities that I have and feel very confident in the things that I say yes to, and also confident in the things that I know aren’t the best for me right now.”

While Hannah is doubtful that she would accept an offer as the season 16 Bachelorette, she still believes that the process works. So, in other words, never say never, but Hannah is also confident that she can find love outside of the show.

“I don’t know [if I’d be the Bachelorette again]!” she said. “Because I think everybody thinks that like…there was a lot of hard and bad about it. I mean, hello. Did we see my ending? But there’s a lot of good that comes out of it too. I would never, like, completely bash the Bachelor franchise. I think it’s had a lot of success in the people that are together are very happily together. So, of course, I want that, but it doesn’t have to be as the Bachelorette.

Hannah’s response comes after hoost Chris Harrison revealed to ET that The Bachelorette is considering Hannah B. for a second run. “So, let’s pretend that yeah we’re actually done. Yeah, I would want [her to be the Bachelorette]. She’s an amazing girl, and unfortunately, everyone saw what happened with her relationship and that’s unfortunate for everyone involved. She deserves it more than anyone,”  he said. “All options are open. We’ll see what Bachelor Nation thinks.”

Hannah was a fan favorite when she was the lead of The Bachelorette season 15, where she shut down misogynists like Luke P. and eviscerated Jed. But after she returned to Peter’s season, fervor the former beauty queen wavered, with many fans not wanting her to be the next Bachelorette. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.