Uh, Peter & Hannah B. Started DMing While He Was Engaged to Hannah Ann

Bachelor 2020: Peter Weber
Photo: ABC.

The world may be in quarantine, but the Bachelor Nation drama never stops. Bachelor Peter Weber and Hannah Brown reunited amid his engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss, and we need someone to confirm the timeline ASAP. To recap: Peter was eliminated in the final three of Hannah B.’s season of The Bachelorette. On the premiere of his season of The Bachelor, Peter and Hannah B. reunited where she essentially told him that she still has feelings for him and should’ve picked him as her winner. The two almost kissed, but Peter ultimately went back to his Bachelor contestants.

Fast forward to the season 24 Bachelor finale, and Peter proposes to Hannah Ann. (Long story short, he ends the engagement because he was still in love with his runner-up, Madison Prewett, who he’s not with right now either.) The real bombshell was on the “After the Final Rose” special where Hannah Ann revealed that Peter told her that he needed closure from Hannah B. before he could commit to their relationship. Of course, this raised flags in Hannah Ann’s mind, but until now, we didn’t know if Peter had actually reached out to Hannah B. or not.

Well, in a recent interview on season 21 Bachelor Nick Viall’s podcast, “The Viall Files,” Peter revealed that he and Hannah B. started to DM during his engagement to Hannah Ann. The communication occurred after the episode where Hannah B. and Peter reunited, and the former Miss Alabama USA wanted to clarify some of her feelings. “We get the episodes earlier to watch before the season premiere,” Peter told Nick. “Hannah Brown had been given the episode as well. One day I saw that she DM’d me on Instagram (I didn’t have her number at that point). She was being really honest and open and wondering if I had seen the episodes yet. She was kinda struggling with it, it was tough to watch.”

What happened next? Well, Hannah messaged Peter while he watching the first episodes of The Bachelor with Hannah Ann, so he decided to be honest with his then-fiance and tell her the truth.

“I saw this message and [Hannah Ann and I] were on a ‘Happy Couple’ weekend, and we were watching the episodes together, and I told her that Hannah Brown had reached out, that it could be good for both of us to get some closure,” he said. “To be completely honest, the way that whole conversation ended [with Hannah B. on The Bachelor] wasn’t very definite. I was so confused in that moment…Those were real feelings being brought up. So Hannah Brown reached out to see how I was doing.”

As expected, Hannah Ann wasn’t super happy with Peter and Hannah B. still communicating, but in the end, she allowed her then-fiance to seek closure from his sex.

“I had asked Hannah Ann if it would be okay if I could communicate with Hannah Brown,” he said. “She told me that it was fine as long as I didn’t see her in person…she was, obviously, a little hesitant…and that’s why I wanted to be transparent about her with everything. Ultimately, she gave me the OK and Hannah Brown and I discussed things.”

What were the “things” Peter and Hannah B. discussed, he didn’t say. (Though he did note that they have “mutual respect” for each other.) Since Peter’s Bachelor finale, Hannah B. has somewhat shaded her ex on Instagram and reunite with her runner-up Tyler Cameron. So we think it’s safe to say that Pilot Pete’s ship (or shall we say plane?) with Hannah B. has sailed.