A ‘Bachelor in Quarantine’ Spinoff Is Coming to Cure Your Netflix Fatigue

Chris Harrison
Photo: ABC.

God bless, Chris Harrison. A Bachelor in Quarantine spinoff is coming to ABC to cure our Netflix exhaustion, and we can’t wait. While details around the Bachelor in Quarantine release date, cast, spoilers and news are still unclear, there are enough clues to be excited for yet another Bachelor spinoff.

But before we discuss what we know so far about Bachelor in Quarantine, let’s break down what’s happening to the other Bachelor Nation shows while the world is self-isolating amid the coronavirus crisis. The Bachelorette, which was set to start filming in March and premiere in May, has been postponed indefinitely. According to Reality Steve, the Bachelorette producers are trying to find a resort to film the entirety of the season, which stars Clare Crawley from Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of The Bachelor. Before quarantine, however, Harrison told outlets that The Bachelorette planned to film within the United States to limit travel around the world. However, that idea was nixed when even local travel was discouraged.

As for Bachelor in Paradise, there hasn’t been word yet on if Bachelor Nation members will be able to film in Mexico this summer. Like The Bachelorette, the cast could film on a single resort, though that idea hasn’t been confirmed. What we do know is that it’s unlikely that any of Clare’s contestants will star on Bachelor in Paradise if The Bachelorette hasn’t aired yet. And then there’s Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, the franchise’s latest musical spinoff. Reception to the show has been hot and cold so far (they tried!), so we’re beyond excited if Bachelor in Quarantine becomes a real deal. Ahead, find out everything we know.

Bachelorette 2020: Clare Crawley

Image: ABC.

What’s It About?

Deadline confirmed in April that Rob Mills, an executive at ABC, is interested in a Bachelor spinoff called Bachelor in Quarantine. “The best thing about The Bachelor is its willingness to evolve as a format so if we need to shoot a cycle that reflects these times, that’s what we’re going to look at doing,” he told Deadline.

Mills, however, didn’t go into specifics as to how this spinoff will run. It’s unclear whether singles will meet virtually or if contestants will be secluded at one location, like what the franchise is trying to do with The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. However, given Harrison’s pessimism at that latter idea on a recent episode of “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” we expect that Bachelor in Quarantine will see contestants fall in love from the comfort of their own homes.

“Getting 20 cast members is one thing, getting 100 to 180 crew members and putting a director in a truck next to the producers, where you’ve got 30 people in a trailer next to each other is another thing. There’s a lot of logistics that go into it,” Harrison said. “We are on it, we’re chomping on the bit to produce content.”

Bachelor in Paradise 2019

Image: ABC.

When’s the Release Date?

Deadline didn’t note when a Bachelor in Quarantine spinoff would air, but the magazine did note that ABC was looking to start filming The Bachelorette in mid-May and Bachelor in Paradise in early August. Since quarantine is happening right now, we expect a Bachelor in Quarantine spinoff to start filming and airing very soon.

Who’s in the Cast?

Mills also didn’t specify who will be in the Bachelor in Quarantine cast. There’s a chance that the spinoff will just replace Bachelor in Paradise this summer or that ABC will have both shows, with Bachelor in Quarantine featuring singles new to Bachelor Nation.