This ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoiler Confirms 2 Controversial Contestants Are in the Cast

Bachelor 2020, Peter
Photo: ABC.

Peter Weber’s season of  The Bachelor isn’t even over, but fans are already looking forward to summer. New Bachelor in Paradise 2020 spoilers confirm Alayah and Mykenna will be in the cast, and we can’t wait for the messiness in Mexico. A source took to Reddit on Tuesday, February 11, to reveal a bunch of Bachelor spoilers. Among them was that Alayah and Mykenna are “99.9% confirmed” for BIP season 7.

Though we don’t know who this Reddit user is (it could legit be anyone, but he or she claims to have “proof”), it shouldn’t come as a surprise if Alayah and Mykenna are in the upcoming season of BIP. As fans remember, Alayah was the center of a three-episode-long drama after several contestants (a.k.a. Sydney and Victoria P.) accused her of being fake. The drama continued when Victoria P. accused Alayah of telling her to lie about their friendship prior to the show, which led Peter to eliminate her.

Then, in a producer twist, Alayah came back in the next episode to explain her side and win back Peter, which she did. In fact, Alayah was so convincing that Peter gave her the group date rose for that episode—even though there wasn’t a group date. Fast forward to later in the episode, and Alayah turned the tables on Victoria P.

Bachelor 2020: Alayah

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer.

She claimed that Victoria P. lied about how close their friendship was: Victoria P. claimed that she and Alayah had only talked a total of three hours, while Alayah said that she and Victoria P. were so close that they went to Las Vegas together. In the end, though, the drama was too much for Peter and he eliminated Alayah a second time. However, this Reddit user claims that Alayah self-eliminated herself, but the producers cut it to look like Peter sent her home because they wanted her sendoff to be sympathetic, given her fanbase online.

Now for Mykenna. For longtime Bachelor viewers, Mykenna was cast as the “clingy” contestant of the season, who became jealous of Peter’s time with other women and doubted her relationship with him so much that she cried in almost every episode. Her main drama was with Tammy, whom she went on a two-on-one date with. Tammy was sent home on the date, but Mykenna wasn’t safe either, as she was eliminated later that night in the rose ceremony.

Bachelor 2020: Mykenna

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer.

Long story short, both of these contestants have a loooot of drama. Throw Tammy and Victoria P. into the mix, and BIP sounds like a wild ride.