This ‘Bachelor’ Scene We Didn’t See Explains Why Hannah Ann Almost Missed the Final Rose Ceremony

Bachelor 2020: Hannah Ann & Peter
Photo: ABC.

Warning: Spoilers for The Bachelor season 24 finale ahead. Peter Weber’s Bachelor finale was full of wild moments, from his mom’s feud with Madison to his raw breakup with Hannah Ann. But something we wondered was why Hannah Ann almost eliminated herself on the Bachelor 2020 finale? In a preview of the finale (which has been played since the premiere), Chris Harrison tells Peter some not-so-great news, which led him to lay down in a panic. As we found out in the Bachelor finale, this news was that Hannah Ann Sluss, one of Peter’s two finalists, almost eliminated herself too before the Final Rose Ceremony. (Madison Prewett, Peter’s other finalist, already sent herself home before the Final Rose Ceremony.)

This scene low-key came as a surprise to some viewers, who thought Peter and Hannah Ann were cool—at least in Hannah Ann’s eyes. Peter confirmed in his conversation with Chris at the time that he didn’t tell Hannah Ann that Madison eliminated herself, so why did the model almost not attend the Final Rose Ceremony? Well, before the Bachelor finale, Reality Steve reported that Peter actually canceled the Final Rose Ceremony until he could talk to Madison after she left. Of course, the producers didn’t let him do that, so the Final Rose Ceremony was back on—just a couple days later.

Now, as we saw on TV, Hannah Ann didn’t know that Madison left, but she probs could tell something was up, which is why she almost didn’t attend the Final Rose Ceremony. (Even she probably knew that Peter wanted to be with Madison, hence her surprise when Pilot Pete proposed to her and not Madi.) This was also evident in Hannah Ann’s interview on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, where she said: “My instincts were telling me I wasn’t getting all the information I needed to make a decision with Peter. That’s intuition and that’s instincts and should I have stayed on that bed in Australia? Absolutely. But I wasn’t going to give up on someone I loved… In the end, I think he took advantage of the fact that he conveniently left out very important information prior to me making a commitment with him.”

In the end, though, she was right. Peter was not the one for her. He ended his engagement with her a month or so later, and the two had a heated discussion on “After the Final Rose.” Justice for Hannah Ann! At least there’s paradise…