How Does Peter’s Season End? We Broke Down Every Possible ‘Bachelor’ Finale Outcome

Bachelor 2020: Peter Weber
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Unlike previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Bachelor finale 2020 spoilers are nowhere to be found. Since Peter Weber’s season was announced, Reality Steve (a.k.a. the go-to source for Bachelor secrets) has been open about the fact that he doesn’t know how it ends. Though he knows who Peter’s final two are—spoilers ahead for that—Reality Steve hasn’t been able to nail down who Peter’s winner is (if there even is one), which makes this season’s finale that much more mysterious.

There have been a lot of theories about how The Bachelor season 24 ends, from Peter’s secret affair with a producer to not one but two contestants’ pregnancies. We won’t know what the real deal is between Peter and his final two until The Bachelor season 24 finale airs in March, but, of course, that hasn’t stopped Bachelor Nation from theorizing about every possible way this season could end.

For 18 years, Chris Harrison has promised that each season is the franchise’s “most dramatic” yet, and that statement may finally be true for Peter. For many in Bachelor Nation, Peter’s season has been so-so at best, but if some of these Bachelor theories are true, his finale could go down in Bachelor history. Ahead, read about every way Peter’s season could end.

His Final Two

The Bachelor - Hannah Ann

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer.

Spoilers ahead: For those who are reading this before the February 24 episode of The Bachelor, Peter’s final two are Hannah Ann and Madison, which means that Victoria F. was eliminated in the final three after her and Peter’s hometown dates drama. (ICYMI, Peter learns that Victoria F. was a home wrecker in her friends’ marriages and confronts her about it. Needless to say, it doesn’t end well.) Now that we know that Madison and Hannah Ann are Peter’s final two, let’s break down each possible outcome for Pilot Pete.

The Bachelor - Madison

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Outcome 1: Peter Is Single

The Bachelor - Peter

Image: ABC/John Fleenor.

In the same way that Brad Womack chose no one on The Bachelor season 11, Peter could also end his season as a single man. There’s two ways this could happen: 1. Peter could break up with both of his contestants. 2. Both of his contestants could break up with Peter. Given that Peter has told both Madison and Hannah Ann that he’s falling in love with them, it’s more likely that both women will break up with him if this theory is true. We know that Madison is on the fence after her dad had hesitations about Peter and how committed he is to his faith. Hannah Ann, on the other hand, has been Peter’s frontrunner from the first episode when she receives his First Impression Rose. But we don’t really know Hannah Ann, so there’s a chance she could throw curveball and break up with Peter at the last minute. That said, the chances that Peter ends his season as a single man could go either way, which explains why our prediction is 50/50.

Possibility: 5/10

Outcome 2: Peter Chooses Hannah Ann

'Bachelor' 2020 Peter, Hannah Ann

Image: ABC.

Hannah Ann did receive Peter’s First Impression Rose, so we know there’s a connection there. That said, no woman who has received First Impression Rose has ever won The Bachelor. Sure, Hannah Ann could be an exception to this rule, but given how wishy washy Peter has been throughout his season, we think that his first impression may not be his last. Still, there are theories that Peter and Hannah Ann are together. Though Reality Steve debunked a theory that Peter and Hannah Ann vacationed together, some believe that Hannah Ann is Peter’s winner because she’s the only contestant who has a private Venmo from Peter’s season. Peter, for his part, also has a private Venmo. Because of this, fans think Hannah Ann and Peter have something to hide, which means she may be his winner. However, we’re not that convinced. Though Hannah Ann and Peter started strong, they’ve seemed to fizzle out in recent episodes after Peter also realized that he doesn’t know the real Hannah Ann.

Possibility: 3/10

Outcome 2: Peter Chooses Madison

Bachelor 2020: Madison & Peter

Image: ABC/John Fleenor.

Peter’s cast has been a shit show (though we can’t wait to see them on Bachelor in Paradise), but Madison seems like she’s been Peter’s rock amid his drama. Peter told Madison that he’s falling in love with her on their date before hometowns, and she’s even met his parents. It’s clear that Madison and Peter have a connection. The only issue is Peter’s faith. We learn toward the end of the season that Madison is a virgin and is saving herself for marriage, which she hasn’t told Peter yet. Nothing is ever simple on The Bachelor, which is why we believe that Peter doesn’t choose Madison on finale day in Australia. Of course, this leads us to our next theory…

Possibility: 3/10

Outcome 3: Madison Breaks Up With Peter

Bachelor 2020: Madison & Peter

Image: ABC/John Fleenor.

Since the start of the season, The Bachelor has teased a dramatic AF finale. In previews, Chris Harrison is filmed telling Peter some course-changing news. We don’t learn what the news is, but it’s enough for Peter to need to lie down with a towel on his head. We also see Peter’s mom in tears as she tells him to “bring” someone home to them. Here’s the theory on the street: In the finale, Madison learns that Peter has had sex with other contestants. She seems cool about it at first but changes her mind and goes home without telling anyone—not even The Bachelor producers. The next day, Chris Harrison and the rest of The Bachelor producers learn that Madison is gone and tell Peter this. Peter, who planned on proposing to Madison, freaks out. His mom, who has met Madison, tells him to go after her. And so he does and the two talk out their issues and get back together—similar to what happened to Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph on The Bachelor season 23. This is likely why there were Bachelor cameras recently in Auburn, Alabama, Madison’s hometown. Because of the nontraditional ending, The Bachelor had to film Peter and Madison now for an update to their relationship.

Possibility: 9/10

Outcome 4: Peter Gets Together With a Producer

There have been clues that Peter chooses no one in the finale because he fell in love with Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca. We broke down the clues here, but essentially, Peter and Julie spent New Year’s Eve together in New York and she posted an Instagram caption about her “first love,” which Hannah Brown approved. A Bachelor exec didn’t “confirm or deny” the theory, which led to more fans thinking that Peter’s romance with a producer could be canon. As much as the clues make sense and as much as we would love to watch this twist on TV, we (and Reality Steve) don’t think it’s happening. For one, if this twist was true, Peter and Julie would be more careful than the post photos of themselves on Instagram, especially with captions about “love.” Still, we can’t rule it out entirely because of how convincing the clues are.

Possibility: 7/10

Outcome 5: Peter Gets Together With Hannah Brown

The Bachelor - Peter, Hannah

Image: ABC/John Fleenor.

As Bachelor Nation knows, Peter was eliminated in the final three on Hannah B.’s season. She returned in the first two episodes of Peter’s Bachelor season, where she told him that she still has feelings for him and that it was really down to him and Jed Wyatt in the finale. Since then, fans have speculated that the woman that Peter’s mom wants him to chase after in the finale previews is Hannah. But we’re not too convinced. For one, Hannah has said time and again that she’s single. In February, she took to her Instagram Stories to reveal that she hasn’t been able to be approved on Raya, a celebrity-only dating apps. Would someone’s who dating Peter be on a dating app? We don’t think so. So sorry to those hopes of a Hannah and Peter reunion.

Possibility: 1/10

Outcome 6: Peter Learns That a Contestant Is Pregnant

Bachelor 2020: Hannah & Peter

Image: ABC/Eric McCandless.

Since Peter’s finale was previewed in the season premiere, there’s been a Reddit theory that he’s impregnated not one but two contestants. Redditors point to the scene in the preview where Chris Harrison tells Peter that there’s “something” that everyone just learned. Theorists believe that “something” is that someone is pregnant. It’s unclear when a contestant could’ve became pregnant (some theorize that the pregnant contestant is Kelley Flanagan, who met Peter a couple months before the season started filming), while others think it could be someone Peter had sex with before Fantasy Suites. However, Peter pretty much shot that theory down in an interview with Access Hollywood, where he told the outlet: “I’ve heard that. I’ve heard two people might be pregnant. It’s like, whoa, one’s not enough. It’s hilarious. People are really good at speculating. I will say I haven’t heard the actual ending yet, though.” As fans remember from Hannah B.’s season, where the Bachelorette found condoms in Peter’s car, Pilot Pete practices safe sex.

Possibility: 1/10

Outcome 7: Peter Picks His Winner on “After the Final Rose”

Bachelor 2020 Peter

Image: ABC.

Peter has teased that no one—not even Reality Steve—will be able to spoil his season, and so far, he’s been correct. How does no one (even the most talent Bachelor investigator) know who Peter’s winner is? Well, the theory is that because his finale hasn’t even happened. Some fans theorize that Peter won’t choose his winner until the “After the Final Rose” episode, which won’t be filmed until March. In theory, this sounds like a good idea, but that means that Peter and his two finalists won’t have any contact between the end of filming and “After the Final Rose.” Feelings could change. As much as we like this idea, we don’t see it happening without some serious changes to the Bachelor format.

Possibility: 4/10