These ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Reveal That Madison Is Keeping a Big Secret From Peter

Bachelor 2020: Madison & Peter
Photo: ABC.

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Warning: Spoilers for season 24 of The Bachelor ahead. Each Bachelor season has its frontrunners, and Madison is one of Peter’s. However, these Bachelor 2020 spoilers about Madison on Peter’s season reveal that there’s a huge twist in store for their romance. Madison was introduced as one of the 30 women vying for Peter Weber’s heart on the Monday, Jan. 6, premiere of The Bachelor season 24.

The Alabama native made a dramatic entrance when she flew in on a life-size paper airplane to win over Pilot Pete’s affection. Later in the episode, the became the first contestant to receive a one-on-one date with Peter, who took her as his date to his parents’ vow renewal. The date seemed promising, given that Peter’s mom told Madison that she and her son have a natural chemistry. Peter’s parents seemed to like Madison a lot, and so did viewers after she became one of the first women that he kissed on the season. The two made out at the end of their date before they attended a private country concert with Peter’s family.

That being said, Madison is still a contestant on The Bachelor, and she isn’t without her secrets. Find out what those secrets are (shoutout to Reality Steve) and how far she makes it ahead.

Who Is Madison?

The Bachelor - Madison

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer.

Madison Prewett is a 23-year-old foster parent recruiter from Auburn, Alabama. As viewers saw in her intro package, she’s a championship-winning basketball player and called the sport her “first love.” Madison also values her faith, according to her bio, and wants a man who has the same religious principles.

“She’s looking for a man who will prioritize faith and family before everything else. She is hoping to find someone who shares the same religious values that she and her family have,” her bio reads. “He also MUST want children and know how to have fun. Her dream is to travel the world and spread love through missionary work.”

The Bachelor Isn’t the First Time She’s Been on TV

Madison may seem like a natural in front of the camera because The Bachelor isn’t the first time she’s been on TV. As evidenced by her Instagram, Madis was on the Price Is Right in 2018, where she won $8,000 but lost out on $16,000.

Madison’s Dad Doesn’t Give Peter His Blessing

At Madison’s hometown date (yes, Madison receives a hometown date), Peter meets Madison’s dad, Chad Prewett, who’s a men’s basketball coach, according to Reality Steve. The two have dinner at Madison’s coach’s house, where her dad tells Peter that he doesn’t give him his blessing to marry his daughter. Reality Steve doesn’t reveal how this plays out in the rest of the season, but there are certainly theories about how that creates drama between Peter and Madison.

She’s a Virgin

Bachelor 2020: Madison & Peter

Image: ABC/John Fleenor.

The season 24 trailer teased that one of Peter’s finalists is a virgin, which causes Peter to doubt his decisions. “Dude, she has waited this long to tell him she’s a virgin,” Victoria F. says in her confessional. The contestant, according to Reality Steve, is Madison. “I can confirm that Victoria is speaking about Madison there,” Reality Steve tweeted. According to the site, Madison is abstaining from sex because of her religion. Apparently, she even told ABC that if she was stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one book, it would be the bible.

Though Reality Steve hasn’t confirmed, it’s presumed that Madison is the voiceover of the contestant in the trailer who talks about how upset she would be if Peter was intimate with other women. “Today I realized I was in love with Peter, but if he sleeps with anyone else, it would be hard for me to move forward,” the contestant says. The trailer continues with someone accusing another contestant of giving Peter an “ultimatum.” Could this be round two of Hannah Brown and Luke P.? Madison seems like a sweet person, so we hope not.

When Is She Eliminated?

Bachelor 2020: Madison & Peter

Image: ABC/John Fleenor.

From her first date with Peter, it’s clear that Madison is a frontrunner, and Peter agrees. The Alabama native makes it to the final two in Australia with Hannah Ann. (Victoria F. is eliminated in the final three.) As for if Madison and Peter are engaged, Reality Steve doesn’t have the answer to that. According to the site, Madison and Hannah Ann are Peter’s final two, but he doesn’t know if he chooses either of them. There are a variety of ways the season could end up. Peter could be engaged to either woman, he could be with either woman but not engaged or he could be single.

Given that Madison’s dad doesn’t give Peter his blessing to marry his daughter, it could be a similar situation to Colton and Cassie and how Peter will have to fight to get Madison back. The season 24 trailer sees him stressed out as Chris Harrison delivers some fate-changing news. Peter’s mom could also be seen in the trailer telling him to fight for a certain bachelorette.