These ‘Bachelor’ Hometown Date Spoilers Reveal Peter Accuses a Contestant of Cheating

Bachelor 2020, Peter
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Warning: Spoilers for season 24 of The Bachelor ahead. Let’s be honest with ourselves, Bachelor Nation. Peter’s season has been a snooze. But, as these Bachelor 2020 hometown date spoilers reveal, there’s hope that Pilot Pete’s season will turn around, especially as rumors swirl that he will accuse a contestant of cheating and home-wrecking.

It seemed like it was only yesterday that Pilot Pete arrived at the Bachelor Mansion in Los Angeles to meet 30-or-so women back to back. Fast forward to now, and it’s time for hometown dates, where Peter will meet his four finalists’ families and ask them for their daughters’ hands in marriage. Hometown dates are sometimes awkward, sometimes romantic, but they almost always bring the drama. And according to these Bachelor spoilers, courtesy of Spoiler King Reality Steve, Peter’s hometown dates will be his most dramatic episode yet.

From a father who won’t give Pilot Pete permission to marry his daughter to a contestant who is exposed of home-wrecking the marriages of her friends, this season’s hometown dates can only be described as messy, messy, messy. For those of us who just can’t raise (*raises hand*), find out the most dramatic moments from Peter’s hometown dates episode. Spoilers, obviously, ahead.

Madison’s Dad Doesn’t Give Peter His Blessing

The Bachelor - Madison

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer.

On his hometown date with Madison in Auburn, Alabama, Peter meets Madison’s dad, Chad Prewett, according to Reality Steve. Peter, Madison and the rest of the Prewetts have dinner at the house of coach Bruce Pearl, a famous men’s basketball coach in the area. (The earlier part of the date involved Peter and Madison playing basketball with Coach Pearl and his basketball team.) The kicker to the hometown date comes when Madison’s dad doesn’t give Peter his blessing to marry his daughter. As viewers know, faith and family are important to Madison, so the fact that her dad didn’t approve of Peter is likely why fans speculate that she will eliminate herself in the final two and is the reason why Peter freaks the eff out in the previews of the finale.

Victoria F. Is Accused of Home-Wrecking Her Friends’ Marriages

The Bachelor - Victoria

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer.

The bombshell of Peter’s hometown dates is that Victoria F. is accused of cheating with her friends’ husbands and home-wrecking their marriages, according to Reality Steve. Peter learns of the accusations when he and Victoria F. attend a Hunter Hayes concert at her hometown in Virginia. At the concert, the producers whisk Victoria F. away to film some confessionals, which is Peter is approached by his ex-girlfriend Merissa, who tells him that Victoria F. is a “liar, a manipulator and has ruined marriages.” Also at the concert is Morgan Speight, Bachelor alum Lauren Burnham’s best friend and resident of Virginia Beach, Victoria F.’s hometown. Morgan is the one who gave Merissa the information. Reality Steve also reports that Morgan is friends with the woman that Victoria F. had an affair with, which is why Peter believes that her information is credible. The site also claims that Victoria F. had tears in her eyes when Peter confronted her about the information.

Kelsey’s Dad Doesn’t Show Up

The Bachelor - Kelsey

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer.

Viewers know that Kelsey and her family have a contentious relationship with her father, who left them when she was a kid. According to Reality Steve, tried to have her dad be there for her and Peter’s hometown date, but he never showed up. Reality Steve doesn’t know why, but he thinks it’s that Kelsey’s family either shut down the idea of her dad never responded to producers’ requests. In the end, nothing much happened at Kelsey’s hometown date in Des Moines, Iowa.

Kelly Was Supposed to Be in Peter’s Final 4

The Bachelor - Kelley

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer.

If it seemed out-of-the-blue that Peter eliminated Kelly before his hometown dates, it’s because it was. According to a source on Reddit, Peter was torn between Kelly and Kelsey for the last spot in his final four, but the producers pushed him toward Kelsey because of her family drama with her dad. That, of course, backfired when Kelsey’s dad didn’t show for her hometown date with Peter and the date ended up becoming a little bit of a snoozer compared to what they expected to happen.

Kelsey Is Eliminated

The Bachelor - Peter

Image: ABC.

You would think that after Victoria F.’s hometown dates drama (and her constant arguments with Peter throughout the season), that she would be eliminated after hometown dates. Nope! Reality Steve reports that Kelsey was the contestant eliminated, which means that Victoria F., Madison and Hannah Ann will travel to Australia for Peter’s finale. As you may have noticed, there wasn’t anything about Hannah Ann’s date. Reality Steve didn’t know much, which probs means that her date isn’t that interesting. But! The finale should have something dramatic.