These ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Hint at Hannah Ann’s Major Drama With Another Contestant

Hannah Ann
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Warning: Spoilers for season 24 of The Bachelor ahead. Those who have seen the new The Bachelor season know that Hannah Ann is a frontrunner. She received the First Impression Rose, made out with Peter thrice and has a Bachelor Nation connection. But these Bachelor 2020 spoilers about Hannah Ann on Peter’s season hint that her time on the reality series wasn’t without drama.

Hannah Ann had a target on her back from day one when she stole Peter away three times at the cocktail party. (A basic no-no in Bachelor 101.) The bad behavior led to a showdown with Shiann, who basically suggested that Hannah Ann wasn’t sincere when she said sorry for taking so much of Peter’s time. The target was worth it though, as Hannah Ann received the coveted First Impression Rose from Peter and was safe for the rest of the night.

Though season 12 Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay compared her to Luke P., it was clear from the moment that she exited the limo that Hannah Ann and Peter had chemistry. Her joke about if he had room for another Hannah in his heart was infectious, and we’re sure she’s significant to Peter’s time as the season 24 Bachelor. But how far does she make it? And what happens? Those answers, courtesy of Reality Steve, ahead.

Who Is Hannah Ann?

The Bachelor - Hannah Ann

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Let’s start with the basics: Who is Hannah Ann Sluss? As explained in her intro package, she’s a 23-year-old model from Knoxville, Tennessee. In her Bachelor bio, Hannah Ann explains that she still lives at home with her parents and younger sister and brother. She’s a professional model, but she’s also a painter. Viewers may remember that Hannah Ann gave Peter a picture of mountains that she painted with her father on night one.

As for what she looks for in a man, Hannah Ann told The Bachelor‘s bio writers that she’s looking for a husband who likes to travel. (Peter is a pilot, just FYI.) “She travels the world for work and would love to find man to join her on the adventure. She has a cute Southern twang which, we know, Peter is a sucker for,” her bio reads, referencing to Peter’s ex Hannah Brown.

Hannah Ann also told The Bachelor that her last relationship ended because there wasn’t enough friendship, though there was a lot of physical chemistry. “Now, Hannah Ann is ready to find a man who she can be best friends with while keeping the steamy romance alive,” her bio reads.


'Bachelor' 2020 Peter, Hannah Ann

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Shiann isn’t the only Bachelor contestant to feud with Hannah Ann. Reality Steve reports that Hannah Ann also had a tiff with Kelsey, which he dubbed Champagne-gate. Here’s what went down: Apparently, Kelsey brought a two-year-old bottle of Dom Perignon champagne to share with Peter. When she was away from the champagne, producers took it and gave it to Hannah Ann. Hannah Ann, not knowing that the bottle was Kelsey’s, popped the cork and poured two glasses for herself and Peter. Apparently, Kelsey catches them redhanded, and it’s not pretty between her and Hannah Ann. The moment is so awkward that Peter ends up pouring the wine on himself, according to Reality Steve.

When Is She Eliminated?

'Bachelor' 2020 Peter, Hannah Ann

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Hannah Ann is obvi a frontrunner on Peter’s season, but when is she sent home? Well, according to Reality Steve, the model is one of the pilot’s final two in Australia. (The other finalist is Madison.) Hannah Ann makes it to the finals after Peter sends home Victoria F., who has her own spoiler-y drama.

However, Reality Steve doesn’t know if Hannah Ann wins. He doesn’t have intel on the finale yet, which means that there could be a variety of endings. Peter could be engaged to either Hannah Ann or Madison; he could dating them but not engaged or he could be single. (He could also be dating Hannah Brown—who knows!)

That being said, Reality Steve also pointed out that no woman who received the First Impression Rose ever went on to win The Bachelor. Given that Hannah Ann is this season’s First Impression Rose owner, she statistically will not be Peter’s final choice. But she may also be an exception, so stay tuned.

She’s Friends With Hannah G.

Yes, Hannah Ann is BFFs with Hannah Godwin from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor and season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. It’s unclear how and when they met, but judging from their Instagram, the two have known each other from before Hannah G. was on The Bachelor. They’ve also shared several posts of them at photoshoots together, so fans assume that they met through a modeling gig. Hannah Ann was also a former pageant queen (she came in fourth in the Miss Tennessee USA pageant in 2017), and given that Hannah G. is a former Miss Alabama USA runner-up, the two could’ve met on the pageant circuit.

“Can’t wait for #bachelornation to fall in love with the sweetest / goofiest southern belle you could ever meet! 😉 Love ya smurf 🌹,” Hannah Ann wrote on Instagram in January before Colton’s season of The Bachelor.

She’s Modeled for Sonic

'Bachelor' 2020 Peter, Hannah Ann

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In her intro package, Hannah Ann revealed that modeling allowed her to see the world beyond her town in Knoxville, Tennessee. She didn’t specify which brands she’s modeled for, but fans online found out that one recognizable company she’s lent her face to is Sonic Drive-In. Some viewers even compared her past as a Sonic model to Jed Wyatt’s career as a dog food jingle writer. “Hannah Ann the sonic model is the new Jed & the dog food jingle,” one user wrote.