Hannah Brown Might’ve Revealed a Huge Spoiler About Next Season of ‘The Bachelor’

Hannah Brown
Photo: AFF-USA/Shutterstock.

Look, there’s nothing more we love than seeing our favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette alums back on the series. But that doesn’t mean we’re ready for Bachelor 2020 spoilers about Peter and Hannah in the meantime (OK, we kind of are. But still.) Either way, it seems like 25-year-old Hannah Brown didn’t quite piece together the notion of #spoileralert before she posted her recent New Year’s resolutions to her Instagram stories this week. Her Instagram Story, which features a handwritten notebook entry, might’ve just inadvertently revealed the fate between her and this season’s bachelor, Peter Weber. Or so it seems. You be the judge:

Among a long list of resolutions—which include everything from “Work hard. Feel good enough. Feel capable enough,” to “Gain wisdom. Get out of your comfort zone. Take chances. Stay hopeful”—there’s one glaring entry that any Bachelor stan is probably already overanalyzing. Leading her list is the word “LOVE” capitalized, followed by “I still want it. The real kind.” Gathering that The Bachelor is pre-filmed, and we know that Hannah is already slated to appear on this upcoming season airing Jan. 6, is it possible that her use of the word “still” means that, uh, things haven’t yet worked out between her and this season’s bachelor?

We hope it’s not the case. If so, then poor Hannah’s definitely closing off a tough 2019 right about now. She started the year as a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season 23 of The Bachelor, only to place seventh. Things seemed to look up for her once she was cast as The Bachelorette‘s lead for its 15th season—even going so far as to accept a proposal from Jed Wyatt. But we all know how that ended (and in case you don’t: Jed, uh, had a girlfriend when he entered the competition. So Hannah did what any icon would do, and swiftly called off their engagement and dumped him on-camera. Ouch.) Her rebound with Tyler Cameron then seemed promising—until Tyler was spotted outside of the reality show dating supermodel Gigi Hadid.

When The Bachelor teased Hannah’s return for season 24, many realized it was the reality star’s chance to get one more shot at things with Peter Weber—a.k.a. third-best to Jed and Tyler. But add the fact that she’s been busy filming (and winning!) Dancing With the Stars to her cryptic message on IG, and her involvement in the new season just doesn’t add up. Besides: If Hannah’s saying she “still” wants love, perhaps we can conclude that she’s not going to find it with Peter.

But we’ll have to stay tuned until January to really find out.