This Wild ‘Bachelor’ Theory Thinks Peter Ended Up With a Producer After His Season

Peter Weber., Bachelor 2020
Photo: ABC.

Warning: Spoilers for The Bachelor season 24 ahead. For many Bachelor fans, Peter’s season has been more or less whatevs. But this Bachelor 2020 spoiler, where Peter dates a producer at the end of his season, could be the wild twist that reels us back in. Peter did say that no one will predict the end of his Bachelor season—not even Reality Steve—so if this theory is true, Peter’s season will def go down in Bachelor history.

The theory started in January after Reddit users saw that Peter and Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca spent New Year’s Eve together with his family in New York City. Peter’s dad, Peter Weber Sr., posted a photo of the Webers and Julie at dinner, which showed Peter with his arm around the producer. But there’s more! Julie also posted a photo of her on New Year’s Eve in Times Square with the caption: “New York, my first love, thank you for last night ❤️ #2020 #happynewyear #rockineve.” Behind her? None other than Peter Weber. If the caption—where Julie mysteriously references her “first love”—isn’t enough, 2019 Bachelorette Hannah Brown also commented on the post. She wrote, “This is really cute, Jules. I approve.” Sure, Hannah could simply be approving of the picture. But given her former with relationship with Peter, Hannah could also be approving of his new girlfriend.

However, not everyone is convinced that Peter ends up with a producer at the end of his season, such as Reality Steve who tweeted about the theory and denied its credibility. “Gonna make this as simple as possible for every1 since it’s all I get asked now: It’s garbage, there is absolutely nothing to this, it makes zero sense & people are desperately grasping at straws bc the ending isn’t out yet. Hope that clears things up,” he wrote.

As Reality Steve has reported before—again, spoilers ahead—Peter’s final two are Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett. As of yet, the spoilers site doesn’t know who wins, which is why the end of his season is so mysterious. In the trailer, Peter receives some course-changing news from Chris Harrison, which leads him to freak the eff out. The trailer also shows Peter’s mom telling him to chase after someone. Who that could be? We don’t know. It could be either Madison or Hannah Ann. It could be his producer. Heck, it could even be Hannah Brown. Guess we’ll just have to wait until the Bachelor finale to find out.