This Little Clue Has ‘Bachelor’ Fans Convinced About the Winner of Peter’s Season

Madison Prewett & Peter Weber
Photo: ABC.

We’re so close to knowing who gets to go home with Pilot Pete. But with only a handful of episodes left, fans are getting desperate—with some already piecing together this Bachelor 2020 spoiler about Madison winning Peter Weber’s season. This theory, if true, would prove that Peter, 28, is really willing to commit to Madi, 23. Fans already expect the reality star to reveal an ultimatum to Pete during this week’s episode. In a promo clip, Madi—who we know is saving herself until marriage—explains, “I wouldn’t be able to say yes to the engagement if you have slept with the other women.” If she wins Peter’s season, however, does this mean that Pete actually abstains during his Fantasy Suite dates? It’s all possible, especially if we’re going by this fan theory.

Unlike last week’s clues over whether Peter ends up with his producer (we ship it), this one is fully focused on one of our traditional finalists to win Peter’s heart. Fans are generally convinced that Hannah Ann and Madison Prewett will end up as Peter’s final two, but recent digging has led some Bachelor viewers to believe that it’s definitely Madi taking home the prize; and by prize, we mean Peter.

Thanks to RealitySteve, fans also know that the reality star was recently spotted filming extra scenes with a Bachelor production crew earlier this month. But now, fans found another interesting clue—and it has to do with Madi’s Dad.

Remember how Coach Prew made a point about not following Peter? Well, apparently that doesn’t include Seed to Mountain Ministries, a.k.a. the charity that Peter partners with. Fans realized that Madi’s dad, for whatever reason, did happen to be following the charity group’s Instagram account. And now, according to, the @seedtomountain Instagram page just followed him back.

Could they be at the request of Peter, trying to make good on his image with his potential future father-in-law? After all, we know they didn’t kick things off in the best of ways—Madi’s dad hasn’t given Peter his blessing for his daughter’s hand in marriage. But this little development certainly has fans wondering if the tides are turning in his favor.