Peter Almost Dated Another ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Before His Finale With Madi & We’re Shook

Bachelor 2020: Peter Weber
Photo: ABC.

The Bachelor season 24 finale was full of twists. But one we didn’t expect was that Bachelor 2020’s Peter Weber almost dated Kelley before his finale with Madison—or so fans think based on a clue from Reality Steve.

Weeks before The Bachelor finale, there were rumors that Pilot Pete and Kelley Flanagan hooked up after she was eliminated from his season in the final five. The clues? Each member of Peter’s family, including his monstrous mom Barb, follows Kelley on Instagram. (His family doesn’t even follow Hannah Ann or Madison, Peter’s actual final two.) Further, Kelley didn’t attend the “Women Tell All,” which raised eyebrows for fans because of how far she made it on Peter’s season. Bachelor Nation members believe that Kelley’s wasn’t at the “Women Tell All” because the producers wanted to bring her out as a surprise on the finale as Peter’s real final choice.

As viewers remember, Kelley was in the audience at the finale, and Chris Harrison even referenced that it was so “important” that she was there. In the end, though, Kelley’s cameo didn’t make a difference, as Peter still chose Madi in the end. However, according to Reality Steve,  Peter wasn’t sure which contestant he wanted to sit on the couch with him on “After the Final Rose” until the last second, which is why Chris kept hinting that no one knows how Peter’s season will end—not even Peter.

“There could have been SEVERAL outcomes tonight and was truly shocked on that one. Let’s just say there were other girls involved in that picture that weren’t mentioned,” Reality Steve wrote after he was told by “someone close to the situation” that Peter and Madi weren’t as solid as people believe.

RS then went on to respond to the Kelley rumors specifically. While he couldn’t confirm that Kelley and Peter hooked up, he did say that we can’t rule out that theory. “Let’s just say ever since Super Bowl weekend (just days after he ended his engagement to Hannah Ann), there have been rumors swirling Peter spent the weekend with Kelley,” he wrote. “I don’t know if we can rule those out anymore.”

Very, very interesting. Let it be known that Barb also called Kelley her “fave,” so there has to be more than we’re seeing on TV. Release the tapes, ABC!