‘Bachelor’ Fans Think Madison Eliminates Herself Because Peter Had Sex With Someone Else

Bachelor 2020: Madison & Peter
Photo: ABC.

We believe it. According to a Bachelor 2020 clue, Madison eliminates herself on Peter’s season because he had sex with someone else. As viewers saw on the Monday, February 10, episode of The Bachelor, Madison is one of Peter’s final four. But there’s a twist: In the promo for the next episode, which will air on Monday, February 17, Madison reveals to producers that she’s a virgin. “[I’m] saving myself for marriage,” she says. “If he sleeps with anybody else, it’s going to be hard for me to continue to move forward.”

As Bachelor Nation knows, it isn’t uncommon for the Bachelor or the Bachelorette to have sex with his or her contestants during their season, especially during the Fantasy Suite dates in the final three. In another preview from the upcoming episode, Peter confirms that he’s had sex with someone on his season, which, according to Madison, would make it “hard for [her] to continue to move forward.” Peter says, “Six days prior, I was intimate with someone else.”

But that doesn’t mean that Madison isn’t Peter’s winner. In the finale preview, Peter’s mom tells him to chase after someone and “bring her home.” Fans theorize that this “her” is Madison, who eliminates herself in the final two after finding out that he’s had sex with someone else and leaves Peter with only one choice. The finale preview also shows Peter receiving some course-changing news from Chris Harrison, which leads him to freak the eff out.

“My predictions for #TheBachelor final 2 are Hannah Ann & Madison, maddie finds out Peter has slept with Hannah Ann and whoever else. The day of the engagement, madison leaves which is the “unexpected news” he gets, he tells his mom his only choice is Hannah Ann….” one user tweeted.

Another added, “I’ve been right so far on my guesses and my theory also is Madison gets upset about him sleeping with other girls and leaves right before ring ceremony and Peter tells his parents she is one for him and his mom said to go get her back after she flies home.”

Fascinating. Guess we’ll just have to tune into the finale to find out what really happens.