Baby Stella Luna Welcomed by Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery


Oh, celebrities and their baby names. A typical Anne or Chris just won’t suffice on a birth certificate these days. Ellen Pompeo, 39, of Grey’s Anatomy, and music producer Chris Ivery, 41, recently announced the birth of their first daughter, Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery. We like the name Stella on its own, but with Luna tacked on it sounds kind of like a Disney princess. Or the name of a constellation. We also wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what they were going for. The couple have been married since 2007, and have apparently been planning for a family for quite some time. In a 2008 interview Pompeo told Allure magazine:

“[Chris and I] enjoy our life so much. We go to Europe and sleep in. So when I have the baby, I won’t feel like we’ve missed any fun, reckless times together, like staying up all night drinking champagne and having sex until five in the morning and not having to get up until two in the afternoon.”

Just wait another month, Ellen. We’ll check back with you then and see how you feel.

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