Baby Bump Slideshow: The Best of Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Style

Spencer Cain
Baby Bump Slideshow: The Best of Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Style
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When a fashionable starlet announces her pregnancy, we always wonder how they’ll handle accommodating their new baby bump with their wardrobe. Or, you know, maybe a more valid question would be how their stylist will handle their baby bump.

Beyoncé made a dramatic pregnancy announcement on Instagram yesterday, which actually may have topped her show-stopping performance at the MTV Video Music Awards back when she announced her pregnancy with Blue Ivy. Remember that? She concluded the show by opening up her jacket and rubbing her belly, signaling to millions of fans that she was indeed pregnant. This was confirmed when the camera flashed to the audience, where Kanye West jumped on Jay-Z in a congratulatory embrace.

Last time she was pregnant, Beyoncé’s diva swag did not diminish whatsoever. In fact, it only increased. B hit the town in six-inch heels, glitter everything and the chicest dresses. Our girl is taking chances and stepping out of her comfort zone, and she’s not afraid to show off . Take a look at the gallery above for our favorite of B’s pregnancy looks, and get ready for more of this soon.