This Update About Baby Archie Is the Good News We Needed Today

Meghan Markle, Archie Harrison, & Prince Harry
Photo: Shutterstock.

Amidst a slew of royal drama, global market crashes, and novel coronavirus panic, at least there’s some good news by way of Baby Archie, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry’s Canada update. After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wrapped up the last of their royal duties in the U.K., mom Meghan, 38, was quick to fly back home to Canada, where 10-month old baby Archie Harrison waited for her return. At the very least, we can all rejoice because he’s “doing great.”

According to a source with PEOPLE, the Sussexes’ son is “doing great. He’s grabbing onto things and picking himself up. He’s starting to have movement, which is really exciting.” It sounds like he’ll be walking soon in no time!

Returning home to their Vancouver Island fortress and Baby Archie is sure to be a welcome distraction for the Sussexes. Things took a tense turn for Meghan and Harry, 35, after announcing their plan to step back from their duties as senior royals in January, resulting in weeks of overblown media criticism of Meghan and internal feuds within the royal family.

For now, it seems the Sussexes “are really happy” to be home with their child, says PEOPLE’s source. “Harry is the best dad—he’s so into it. And Meghan is a natural,” they added.

The couple deserves a little happiness, indeed, following everything that went down back in the U.K. Relationships between Prince Harry and the Queen—his grandmother—were especially strained after her decision to strip him and Meghan of their HRH titles, and impose a ban on their use of the word “royal” in any personal branding.

And while the dust has begun to settle between Harry and Queen Liz, it appears tensions were still running high between the Sussexes’ and Kate Middleton, 38, and Prince William, 37. The “Fab Four” reunited for the first time since Megxit on Commonwealth Day, only for Kate to react “badly” during the afternoon. At least there’s a bundle of joy, Archie, to come home to, right?

Meghan is making the most of this return, having taken advantage of her newfound privacy and freedom to spend time with Archie. “Meghan takes a walk with Archie every single day through the woods,” a source told Us Weekly. “She either pushes him in a stroller through the paved trails through the public woods by their home or straps him on and walks the more rustic routes. The walks usually last around an hour or two, but she takes them daily.”

And if you’re from Vancouver Island yourself and happen upon the Duchess, just know that she’s been “very kind to the locals she meets while hiking,” says the Us Weekly source. “She’s all around pleasant to strangers. She is telling friends that she is so happy to be out in nature and [in] their secluded area,” they add.

We’re happy she’s happy!