Babe Walker’s Guide To Dressing For A Book Release Party

Susie G

To help celebrate the upcoming launch of the new book aptly tiled White Girl Problems (which you can pre-order from Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble) from @WhiteGrlProblem’s Babe Walker, the tweetress has been writing a series of guest posts over the last few weeks right here on StyleCaster, offering outfit advice for a number of occasions just about everyone might eventually find themselves in.

We couldn’t let Babe end her series of guest posts without getting some much needed fashion advice on what one should wear to one of the best kind of parties that ever existed — a book release party.

That’s right, a book release party. It’s makes you look like a smarty tarty when you tell your friends, plus, you get bonus “cool points” when the book is about fashion and style.

With Babe Walker’s own book coming out and the party invite already in our inbox, we were curious to see what fashion tips Babe could offer up — especially since we’re dying to find out what she’s planning to wear to both her LA and NYC launch parties (she’s got such fierce swag — we loves it!).

Check out her truly universal (and truly one-of-a-kind) advice down below!

How many of you have spent a year of your life writing a book only to have it
come out in the dead of winter and have three author events and NOTHING TO
WEAR?! Being the star of my own life (with all of this attention on me) is almost
crushing. Thankfully, I’m kind of my own style icon so I have some idea of what
I’m going to be wearing.
When you have the pressure of an event being all about you, it’s super-important
that you show up in a major look. Nothing is off limits. I’m talking couture,
ballgowns and avant garde. You basically need to make sure that all your guests are
gossiping about what you’re wearing and speculating about your personal life.

For my LA party, the dress code is a little more relaxed because, let’s face it,
Angelenos are notorious for thinking bedazzled jeans and graphic tees are
acceptable evening wear. Therefore, I’ll be keeping things pretty simple.

This Giambattista Valli dress screams low key, but pair it with a killer tan and
people will be wondering, “Did she just come back from yachting in Dubrovnik?”

156314 1327503090 Babe Walkers Guide To Dressing For A Book Release Party

Giambattista Valli Floral-Print Silk-Chiffon Gown, $7735, at Net-A-Porter

This Balmain number says, “I’m f-ing [sic] crazy and I wrote a book but I also might be

156301 1327451837 Babe Walkers Guide To Dressing For A Book Release Party

Balmain Printed Silk Gown, $5050, at Net-A-Porter

And this Pucci dress sends a straightforward-but-chic message to your ex that
you may or may not have slept with his best friend:

156315 1327503382 Babe Walkers Guide To Dressing For A Book Release Party

Emilio Pucci Devor Viscose Jersey Dress

Pair any of these with some embellished, strappy sandals like these Miu Miu’s:

Or these Jimmy Choo’s:

And people will be talking all night.

Now onto NYC, the undoubtedly chicer city. You have to be a B.O.S.S. ( Bitch
On Sartorial Shit) to get people’s tongues wagging, so I suggest you step it up
about 5000 notches. Plus, it’s cold as hell there right now, which is horrible, but
the light at the end of that tunnel is that cold weather = FUR!

So, if you’ve recently lost a ton of weight and you want rumors going around that
you might have a coke problem, try this Haider Ackermann dress:|

With this coyote fur realness from DSquared:|

Or maybe you want people to be asking you if you’ve recently changed
medications. If that’s the case, definitely sport this inflatable Gareth Pugh striped

But the ultimate rumor would be that you’re dating a royal, so if that’s what
you want people whispering, wear this McQueen and just forgo the outerwear

At this point, if you need shoe advice you’re mental. We’ve been on this journey
for weeks now! You can figure the footwear out yourself. I’m not your mom and I
can’t hold your hand through every one of life’s hurdles.

As far as a bag goes, you won’t need one, because your assistant will be acting
as a purse with a pulse for the evening. And even if your dress weighs 180
pounds, just remember that fashion is pain and enjoy your night!