Azealia Banks and Lady Gaga Hint at a Collaboration

Spencer Cain

gagabanks Azealia Banks and Lady Gaga Hint at a Collaboration

When it comes to music (and fashion, for that matter), few names draw a bigger buzz these days than Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks. The most famous pop star in the world and the barely-legal hip-hop chanteuse may seem quite different, but they share many things in common, most significantly a passion for the avant garde.

Luckily for fans of these two starlets, it seems like a collaboration is in the works. Yesterday, Azealia took to her Twitter to proclaim “When Mother Monster calls ……….” and “S*** is about to get very f*****g real.” The ladies then engaged in a somewhat cryptic conversation, with Gaga asking, “Can you make ’99 Problems’ my ring tone for when I call you, and then shout BITCH AINT ONE at me when you pick up?”

The mere communication between them has resulted in a Twitter frenzy, with fans demanding to know if a duet or project is on its way. Superfans (although unconfirmed by either camp) have stated that they’ll be working on a continuation of “Telephone,” Gaga’s smash with Beyoncé, called “Carrier Pigeon, which is set to come out in January 2013, a month before the release of Azealia’s debut album Broke With Expensive Taste — which was consequently pushed back yesterday. We can only imagine there was a reason for this — and a high profile collaboration with Gaga is definitely reason enough.

Let’s get excited people. In the words of Azealia herself, it’s about to get real.

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