From Avril Lavigne to Victoria Beckham: Your Guide to Celebrities Showing at New York Fashion Week

Spencer Cain

It’s true: New York Fashion Week is approaching rapidly. If you’re as celebrity obsessed as some of us here, you probably can’t wait to see who turns up in the front row, who gets too drunk at an after party, and most importantly, who’s trying their hand at fashion design this season.

It’s pretty easy to slap your name on just about anything and have it considered a clothing line when you’re a celebrity, but to actually get the chance to showcase your items at New York Fashion Week is another story. Here, we’ve rounded up a slew of stars, ranging from reality stars to full-on fashion royalty, who will be hosting a presentation or a show for their collections this season.

Click through the slideshow above for when and where you’ll be able to spot these celebrities prepping their lines, and what to expect from each!

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